Friday’s Den: 13 things I’m looking for this weekend

13) Rams-Giants at 9:30am ET Sunday from London. I love pro football but am not fond of being awake at 9:30am, under any circumstance. My question is this: if LA were to lose this game, would Jared Goff start the Rams’ next game, after their bye week?

12) Oregon Ducks lost their last four games, giving up 70 points in their last game, at Washington. Ducks play in Berkeley tonight; how many points will Cal score?

11) Sam Bradford returns to Philly Sunday as QB of the 5-0 Vikings; interesting situation. If Teddy Bridgewater hadn’t have gotten hurt this summer, Bradford would be starting this game for the Eagles.

10) TCU-West Virginia will be a fun game from Morgantown. Horned Frogs won by one point in each of their last two visits to West Virginia.

9) New Orleans Saints allowed 72 points in their last two games, but won both of them. They’re getting points in Kansas City Sunday.

8) Wisconsin played its heart out last week in a tough home loss to Ohio State; now they go to Iowa City to face a Hawkeyes’ squad that has lost three straight home games to the Badgers.

7) Washington won its last two games, Detroit won its last two. Lions seem to play a nail-biter every week. This is an interesting game in the NFC playoff race.

6) Texas lost its last four visits to Kansas State, but K-State’s QB got hurt last week. Longhorns have a bad defense; can the Wildcats’ backup QB put points up against it?

5) Oakland Raiders covered their last six road games; they’re getting a point or so this week in Jacksonville. If the Raiders are a playoff contender, they win this game.

4) Michigan State lost its last four games, but is a road favorite this week at Maryland; you’d have to take a huge leap of faith to invest in them until they actually win a game.

3) Geno Smith gets the nod at quarterback for the Jets, which should appease their fanbase a little bit, at least for the first quarter. I’d like to see them give Bryce Petty a shot.

2) Seattle-Arizona is usually a fun game. Will be a good time for me to order a pizza, sit back and see if the Cardinals can tighten up the NFC West race at all.

1) Ed Orgeron used to be the head coach at Ole Miss; now he is the interim coach at LSU and Ole Miss is bringing a really good offense to Baton Rouge. Leonard Fournette is expected back for the Tigers this week. This will be an interesting 9:00 game. 9:00 at night!!!!

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.