2 Lists for Friday: Cathy from Ohio checks in with some thoughts

1) I’m an Ohioan with a typical array of sports team favorites:  love the Browns, love the Reds, really don’t care one way or another about the Cavs…but I deeply dislike the Buckeyes. 

2) As a kid I used to love playing kickball with my four brothers and two sisters and two or three random neighborhood kids. It was  like contact baseball. You’re out when you get blasted with the ball. I was terrified of getting thrown at/out by my brothers and extremely grateful we all learned to play baseball without the contact outs. 

3) I’m thinking about buying huge amounts of peanuts, hot dogs, and giant pretzels, and crappy beer (none of which I normally eat or drink) just to make it feel like baseball season somehow. 

4) I’m always a little puzzled by people like my oldest daughter who love pizza and spaghetti and salsa and all things tomato saucy but hate fresh tomatoes. Oh she loves raw broccoli too but despises it cooked.

5) My Australian son-in-law thinks baseball is slow and boring but he loves cricket- you know, the game with bats and balls that literally lasts for days. 

6) My son was a pretty good baseball player but way too intense for a Little Leaguer. As an 8 year old he cried all the way home over a close game that they lost. I said, “Cody, it’s not worth all the tears. Ten years from now you won’t even remember this day.”  Ten years later…18 year old Cody called me somewhere near the date of that game and just said, “ you were wrong Mom. I’m still mad about that game.”

7) My mom, like all moms, shared great and not so great pieces of advice and told what turned out to be little lies that I guess were meant to help us grow up right. She said money can’t buy happiness. But really, my closet full of boots, my house and my car make me pretty happy. 

8) She also used to tell me when I was young that boys didn’t like girls who cried or cursed. I do both, damn it. Maybe that’s why I’m divorced…

9) This may be Mom’s biggest lie:  she told me babies came from seeds that were in little girls’ bellies. Those seeds turn into babies when little girls grow up and have a husband. At eight I was very worried because people kept telling me how grown up I was getting.

10) Like so many Mamas she also told us not to cross our eyes because they might stick like that. So, in turn when my little girls were getting sassy and rolled their eyes, I told them they might stick all rolled up in their heads. Now I wonder what great lies my two grand babies will hear as they grow up. 

11) I don’t think I would be good at fantasy sports. I would want to choose my players based on fun things like their birthdays and if they’re left handed, and if they are good to their mamas. 

12) I’ve never made my children eat everything on their plates. That backfired twice for my mom. My younger sister finished her last bite of peas and spewed them and the rest of her dinner back in the plate. A generation later, she insisted that my youngest daughter finish her breakfast, which she deposited in the bushes at a Bob Evans in Columbus, Ohio.

13) I have been friends with the Armadillo for more than fifteen years and just found out recently that he used to play piano/organ. Huh!

Author: Armadillo Sports

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