Bonus List of 13: Free agent happenings…….

13) If you don’t think this a great country, Indiana Pacers signed Doug McDermott to a 3-year, $22M contract. $22M for a guy who will be on his 5th team in five years, starting only 13 games in four seasons. 

McDermott is averaging 7.9 ppg in his 264 NBA games; he is a career 40.3% shooter on the arc, and shooters are always marketable. 

12) Houston Rockets gave Chris Paul a 4-year, $160M max deal; that works out to $487,804.87 per game, whether he plays or not. Paul missed 44 games the last two seasons. 

11) Just for the hell of it, if Paul’s agent is working on the standard 3% deal, this contract is worth $4.8M to him. The NBA is really, really profitable. 

10) Trevor Ariza leaves the Rockets, bolts to Phoenix for one year, $15M. Houston signed Gerald Green to a one-year, $2.4M deal.

9) Ersan Ilyasova signed a 3-year, $21M deal with Milwaukee. Mike Budenholzer will be the 7th coach Ilyasova has played for with the Bucks- he was last in Milwaukee from 2009-15, and also in 2006-7. Thats seven coaches in eight seasons. 

8) Kevin Durant gets $61.5M for two years to stay with Golden State. 

7) Paul George signed a 4-year, $137M deal with Oklahoma City; Thunder also re-signed Jerami Grant to a 3-year, $27M deal; Grant played 19.1/20.3 mpg the last two years, starting only five games in two seasons.

6) Derrick Rose stol— I mean signed with Minnesota for $2.1M for one year. 

5) DeAndre Jordan signed a one-year, $24M deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

4) Marco Belinelli signed a two-year, $12M deal with the San Antonio Spurs. 

3) Toronto Raptors gave backup PG Fred Van Vleet $18M for two years; he averaged 8.6 ppg, 2.4 rpg and 3.2 apg in 76 games. Toronto’s bench was +296 last year, more than 100 points better than any other bench in the NBA. 

2) Pelicans, Lakers were first teams to call free agent DeMarcus Cousins; LA might be more interested now that Paul George is staying in Oklahoma City. 

1) In the NHL, John Tavares bolts the Islanders after nine years for Toronto- he gets $77M for seven years. Tavares is going to get pounded by the tax man, but Toronto is his hometown. 

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