Bonus List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud

13) Since 1990, NFL teams that were 4-3 made the playoffs 47.9% of the time; teams that were 3-4 made it 19% of the time.

12) Before baseball season started, the Cubs-Indians World Series matchup was 74-1 in Las Vegas. Last year’s World Series (Mets-Royals) was 250-1 before the season.

11) Actor Marc Blucas has 57 credits to his name, including regular roles in TV shows Necessary Roughness and Underground; he went to college at Wake Forest, where he was a basketball teammate of Tim Duncan.

10) People are frontrunners: Golden State Warriors have a season ticket waiting list of 33,000. Across the parking lot, the A’s are lucky to draw half that unless they give stuff away or have firework shows.

9) Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan has thrown for 200+ yards 46 games in a row, which is an NFL record; now he plays at least nine games a year in a dome and two others in Charlotte/Tampa, so he hasn’t had to deal with much bad weather, but a record is a record.

8) Edmonton Oilers/Winnipeg Jets played an outdoor hockey game in Winnipeg Sunday; the ref wore a camera on his helmet and it provided some interesting angles of the game. It is worth finding on the Interweb.

7) Kentucky 40, Mississippi State 38- Kicker for Kentucky nailed a 51-yard FG at the gun to win this game for the Wildcats. After watching the kicking debacle in Arizona just now, this seemed more impressive than when I left it out of the college wrap up Saturday night.

6) Alabama has scored a TD on defense or special teams in 10 straight games, which is an amazing streak.

5) Oakland Raiders won in Jacksonville Sunday, will stay in Bradenton all this week before playing the Buccaneers in Tampa Sunday. Five of Oakland’s first eight games are east of the Mississippi, but they don’t have a road game in November and after this week, only have their three AFC West road trips remaining, as far as travel goes.

4) Penn State is in the top 25 for the first time in five years, so credit to coach James Franklin for that. You win at Vanderbilt, you can coach and he won there.

3) Sunday Night Football next week: Eagles at Cowboys with two rookie QB’s starting. Big game in the NFC East.

2) Carson Wentz’ emergence in the NFL is going to help make Wyoming’s soph QB Josh Allen really rich someday. Allen plays for Craig Bohl, who coached Wentz at North Dakota State. Allen is big and he can move a little and he has a rifle arm. When he comes out of college, either in the 2018 or 2019 NFL Draft, he will be a very high pick and Wentz’ success in the NFL ain’t going to hurt his standing any.

1— Rams QB Case Keenum gets his number retired at U of Houston Saturday; he is taking a lot of grief now in LA as the Rams have lost three games in a row. QBs get too much credit, too much blame. Jeff Fisher seemed to blame the WRs for some of the miscues in London but you cannot turn the ball over in the NFL and win and that is the QB’s #1 responsibility.

Anyway, congratulations on getting the number retired. Keenum was a great player in college, throwing for more yardage than anyone in I-A history.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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