A Bonus List of 13: Because it is your lucky day……

13) Was disappointed to hear that Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr is still in near-constant pain because of the back problems he’s had for the last year or so, dealing with his spinal column surgery and leaking spinal fluid. We wish him well; back pain is torutrous.

12) Must-watch teams on NBA League Pass: Rockets, Lakers, Nuggets. Don’t think Golden State will play enough close games to be must-watch. Any team Mike D’Antoni coaches will be so entertaining to watch that it makes the $200 we spend for League Pass well worth it.

11) ESPN’s SportsCenter had a great feature this week on how for the last five years, Golden State’s front office has brought a team, made up solely of front office personnel, to San Quentin prison to play basketball against San Quentin’s prison team. Seriously.

This year, Kevin Durant-Draymond Green went with the front office staff to the game, which the Warriors’ front office won, 77-68. Durant/Green played dominos with prisoners, watched the game and chatted up prisoners, making a dreary existence a little brighter, at least for a day.

I’m not judging this one way or the other, other than to say it is a very interesting story and worth finding on the Interweb.

10) Since 2010, football teams coached by Mark Richt are 1-7-1 vs spread as an underdog, whether at Georgia or Miami.

9) Dallas Mavericks’ 3-point shooting in their first two games: 18-48 in an OT loss at Indiana Wednesday night, then 8-29 at home against Houston Friday, when Dirk Nowitzki missed the game with a stomach virus. The 48 tries in Indiana were one short of an NBA record.

8) Former UNLV head coach Bill Bayno is now an assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers; he’s been bouncing around the NBA as an assistant since leaving Las Vegas, mostly with Portland, but he’s with Nate McMillan and the Pacers now.

7) Hawai’i’s basketball team has only two road games between now and January 28; it is good to live in “paradise”, as Magnum PI used to call Hawai’i. Everyone wants to visit you.

6) In case you were wondering and I’m guessing you weren’t, the lowest cost of living in America belongs to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

5) North Dakota State’s basketball team moves into a new arena/basketball facility this season; for the past couple years, the Bison have been practicing in an old warehouse and lifting weights in a vacant supermarket. This $50M facility is obviously a huge upgrade.

4) How big is an average NBA player? 6-7 1/4, 221.44 pounds.

3) Tennessee Titans’ TE Delante Walker has now had at least one catch of 20+ yards in his last ten games, the longest such active streak in the NFL.

2) University of San Diego’s basketball team has two freshman guards this season, one from Newark, NJ, the other from Connecticut; the kids musn’t like cold weather much. If you’re a mid-major team in California, why are you recruiting kids who live 3,000 miles away?

1— I’ll finish today with some ramblings from my past.

Not sure why I was thinking about this today, but I was. When I was in 9th grade, just before Richard Nixon resigned as President, after getting cut from the basketball team (what were they thinking?), I decided that I would join the wrestling team and become a grappler, much like Chief Jay Strongbow or the Samoans.

Not a great idea.

(Before I tell you about my two weeks as a high school wrestler, I will complain that when my group went out to scrimmage at the basketball tryouts, the coach actually left the gym to do something else. Seriously, there were no adults in the gym when we tried out. I could’ve been a combination of Bill Walton and David Thompson (I wasn’t), and no one would’ve known about it.)

So I go to wrestling practice, which has no cuts, you just wrestle against kids in your weight class and whoever wins gets to wrestle in the matches, very democratic, very fair.

For two weeks I go thru practices and I get my ass kicked for 10 consecutive practices. I am a meek 13-year old without a mean bone in his scrawny body, a very bad trait for a wrestler. I never get pinned, because I am taller/thinner than everyone in my weight class, but I also never win a match, it is just me getting my butt kicked by tougher, stronger kids.

So one day a kid hits me in the mouth with a cross-face, which hurts my face but cuts my opponent’s wrist, since I have braces on my teeth. Ha!!!

While they tend to the kid’s wrist, I’m thinking to myself, why the hell am I doing this? It isn’t fun, I’m never going to beat these guys and get in a match, so at the end of that day I retired as a wrestler, and stopped being a pinata for the other kids in the 142-pound weight class.

Who knows? If I had stayed with it, maybe I could’ve been Ric Flair’s tag team partner someday.

Or not.

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