2 Lists for Wednesday; What I know about the start of baseball season

Here’s what I know about the start of the 2020 baseball season…….this is all kind of fluid, but I’ll keep adding stuff as I find out.
13) Spring training will resume July 1; first games will be July 23 or 24.

12) Teams will play 60 regular season games in 66 days; ten teams will make the playoffs.

11) If the whole season is played, players will earn about 37% of their full-season salary.

10) Players will not get playoff shares this season; last year, all the Washington Nationals got

9) Transactions freeze ends this Friday at noon.

8) Trade deadline will be August 31.

7) Players will have to be added to the major league roster by September 15, in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

6) Each team will have a 60-player pool to choose their players from; they can bring bring three extra players on the road with them, but if they do bring three extra guys, one of them has to be a catcher.

5) Relief pitchers will have to fave a minimum of three batters, unless they finish a half-inning, then they can be replaced in between innings.

4) Rosters will wind up being 26 guys; they will start the season with 30-man rosters, then down to 28 guys after two weeks, then will settle at 26 guys after four weeks.

3) Teams will play the other four teams in their division ten times each, the five teams in the other league’s like division (AL/NL East, AL/NL Central, AL/NL West) 3-6 times each.

They’re trying to reduce travel as much as possible, which doesn’t help Seattle or the Florida teams much.

2) Not sure where the Blue Jays will play, but their AAA team is in Buffalo, so that looks like an option. Florida seems like a bad idea, with COVID-19 spiking there.

1) MLB may maintain a camp of sorts in Nashville, where unsigned players can work out, in case they’re needed. I’m wondering how many injuries there will be in August.

TV highlights of the day:
— An old Broncos-Bengals game, with Don Criqui on the call. 

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