3 Lists for Sunday: Favorite TV shows for Bartender Chris and his wife Ashley…….

Bartender Chris and Ashley’s (his wife) favorite TV shows:

Armadillo: 24 is the only show on both of these lists; I’ve never seen 11 of the 13 shows on Ashley’s list. Thats what makes life interesting; different people like different stuff.

13) Chris: The Golden Girls

Ashley: Life

12) Chris:  Frasier

Ashley: Desperate Housewives

11) Chris: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Ashley: This Is Us

10) Chris:  The Simpsons

Ashley: Orange is the New Black

9) Chris: The Sopranos

Ashley: Lost

8) Chris: Sons of Anarchy

Ashley: Parenthood

7) Chris: Cheers

Ashley: Breaking Bad

6) Chris: Quantum Leap

Ashley: The Office

5) Chris: Alf

Ashley: 24

4) Chris: Seinfeld

Ashley: Dexter

3) Chris: 24

Ashley: Grey’s Anatomy

2) Chris: Magnum PI

Ashley: Weeds

1) Chris: Miami Vice

Ashley: Shameless

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