2 Lists for Wednesday: Mid-week musings……

13) Very bad beat in the KBO over the weekend; 3-3 game in extra innings, total is 8.5. KBO games end in a tie after 12 innings, but the Lotte Giants scored five times in the 11th to win 8-3, and put the game over the total.

If you had Doosan Bears and the under, it was a rough Sunday morning.

12) If the billionaires/millionaires can’t come to an agreement this month, and there is no 2020 baseball season, it won’t be the end of the world, but it will put a severe dent in their business, one that right now is a very profitable one.

NBA games are going to start July 31; there will be golf soon and hockey will start and they’re racing cars every week. If baseball is the only sport that sits this year out, it doesn’t bode well for the labor negotiations, with the current agreement ending after the 2021 season.

11) One personal thing about all this: if there is no major league baseball this season, I’ll probably be changing my sleeping habits totally, and waking up at 5:30am to watch Korean baseball. Going to speed at 10:00 at night would be weird, but it would be an improvement over what I’m doing right now. Right now, TV in primetime is very depressing.

10) SK Wyverns of the KBO have a great logo; a winged dragon, but they only have a white “W” on their red hats, not a bad look, but their dragon logo on a hat would be awesome.

9) People in Seattle looted a Cheesecake Factory restaurant Saturday night; a young lady was walking down the rainy sidewalk, carefully holding a cheesecake, with the cherry on top- she should’ve boxed it.

8) Friday night, an SUV was trying to get off a crowded street; the SUV backs up, and runs a guy over— the SUV is on top of him, and then pulls away, and the freakin’ guy gets right up after being run over by a freakin’ SUV. He had to be hurt, or so drunk/stoned he couldn’t feel it.

7) TV reporters are crazy; they’re out there on the streets, very close to cars on fire, people fighting with police, and they have no protective gear on. Takes lot of onions to do that.

Guy on CNN got arrested while he was on camera; the governor of Minnesota found out, and quickly put an end to that situation. They couldn’t pay me enough to do that stuff.

6) Jason Terry, who played 19 years in the NBA after playing four years of college at Arizona, is going back to Tucson to join Sean Miller’s staff with the Wildcats. Terry scored 13.4 ppg in his NBA career.

5) CNN turned 40 years old this week; I’m old enough to remember when there weren’t TV stations dedicated to sports, news and the weather.

When they started The Weather Channel, I mocked it— “Who would watch a TV channel about the weather? Just look out the window.” Obviously, I was way wrong about that.

4) On June 1, 1955, Brooklyn Dodger OF Duke Snider hit three homers and a double in a game against the Milwaukee Braves; he got the four extra base hits off of four different pitchers.

3) There is word now that Cam Newton might not sign with a team until a starter gets hurt somewhere in the league, and needs to be replaced; he doesn’t want to be a backup. Well, he doesn’t want to get paid like a backup, thats probably more accurate.

2) RIP to the great Baltimore Bullet Wes Unseld, 74, who passed away this week; Unseld was a muscular, tough center who threw great two-hand, over-the-head outlet passes- he averaged 14 rebounds a game over his 13-year career.

Also, RIP to coach Pat Dye, 80, who passed away this week; Dye went 153-62-5 as a head coach, winning four SEC titles in 12 years at Auburn.

1) USC cut ties with a football booster, Marla Brown, who said multiple times on her now-deleted Twitter account that people protesting police brutality and George Floyd’s murder in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. should be shot. On her Twitter biography, Brown is identified as a LAPD union attorney.

USC said it informed her that it had revoked her season ticket and Trojan Athletic Fund membership privileges; going forward, it would be hard to recruit if they didn’t.

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