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13) Case Keenum is going to start at QB for the Browns Thursday night when they host Denver. Baker Mayfield has a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Keenum is in his 10th NFL season, on his sixth team; he has a 27-35 record as a starter- he was 11-3 for the ’17 Vikings. Still a mystery why they chose Kirk Cousins over Keenum, but they did.

Vikings are 28-25-1 since Keenum left Minnesota.

12) Braves 9, Dodgers 2:
— Rosario homered twice, knocked in four runs.
— Smyly gave Atlanta 3.2 IP as bulk pitcher.
— Braves lead series, 3-1. 

11) Astros 9, Red Sox 1:
— Houston scored five runs in 6th to break open close game.
— Alvarez had three hits, knocked in three runs.
— Astros lead series, 3-2
— Dusty Baker now has 2,024 wins as a manager; he had 2,023 hits as a player.

10) This is how hitting has gotten more difficult in the modern era; in JD Martinez’ first 27 plate appearances in the playoffs this month, he faced 21 different pitchers. Hitting is easier if you see the same pitcher over and over; seeing a different guy every time up makes it tougher.

Example; in his career, Mickey Mantle faced these pitchers a lot:

— Billy Pierce, 198 AB’s
— Early Wynn, 161 AB’s
— Frank Lary, 138 AB’s.

In this modern era, Manny Machado has faced these pitchers a lot:
— CC Sabathia, 56 AB’s
— Chris Archer, 52 AB’s
— Jake Odorizzi, 48 AB’s

9) One of the TV networks has a camera in second base, which gives an interesting view of stolen bases, kind of like the camera in the end zone pylon in NFL games.

8) Earlier this week, saw Illinois football coach Bret Bielema go on a 1:36 rant, basically trashing his own team; I think his intent was to shred the job his predecessor Lovie Smith did in building the Illinois roster, but what he really did was throw his current players under the bus.

Bielema had a good run at Wisconsin, going 68-24, but then he had a disagreement with his AD and jumped to Arkansas, where he went 29-34. This is his first year at Illinois.

His AD at Wisconsin was the old football coach; maybe he should’ve stayed there.

7) Appalachian State 30, Coastal Carolina 27:
— App State kicked FG at 0:00 for the win.
— Coastal led 20-14 at halftime.
— App State had TD plays of 47-28-43 yards.

6) Purdue WR David Bell has enjoyed playing against Iowa:
2019- 13 catches, 197 yards, one TD
2020- 13 catches, 121 yards, 3 TD’s
2021- 11 catches, 240 yards, one TD

5) Seattle Seahawks signed QB Jacob Eason off waivers from the Colts, to give Seattle depth at QB, with Russell Wilson hurt.

Geno Smith is starting for Seattle now; his backups are Jake Luton, Danny Etling.

4) Good to hear Stan Van Gundy doing NBA games on TNT; he got a raw deal getting fired by the Pelicans, after only one season. Van Gundy isn’t funny like his brother Jeff, but he talks all ball— it is like listening to a basketball clinic- always learn stuff from him.

3) Indiana Pacers’ rookie Chris Duarte is the first rookie to start on Opening Night for Indiana since Jamaal Tinsley 20 years ago.

2) Average salary in the NBA is $7,361,409. Median salary is $3,113,160, meaning half the players make more than that, half the players make less than that.

There are seven NBA players making $40M+ this season.

1) Apparently, the guy who founded lost his girlfriend when she met someone else on…… Go figure. 

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