Tuesday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Florida State 81, Virginia 60:
— Seminoles were up 20 at the half; they played nine guys 14:00+
— Florida State made 13-24 on the arc.
— Very curious where they’ll be seeded next month.

12) North Carolina’s basketball team actually advertised on Twitter this week for a home game and they got one, Wednesday against Northeastern.

We’re going to see more of that over the next 2-3 weeks, teams adding games to the schedule on the fly, to juice up their resume some, and also keep their players sharp.

11) Was listening to Hubie Brown analyze a game on ESPN the other night; guy is one of the best analysts ever, and he is still sharp, even at age 87. Had the pleasure of meeting coach Brown way back in 1984, when he was coaching the Knicks. Good guy, very smart.

10) Duke’s freshman Jalen Johnson “opted out” of the rest of the season, a nice way of saying he quit and will enter the NBA Draft. This news created mixed reactions on social media.

“Start what you finish” is probably an antiquated concept, but today is February 16. Duke isn’t going to make the NCAA’s, and even off they did, they wouldn’t last long. Would practicing and working out for an extra month be such a bad thing for him?

He could get hurt, that is true, but “opting out” has to hurt his perception with at least some of the NBA teams who might draft him. He is going to have to work out anyway in preparation for the NBA Combine, and he could get hurt there too. I’m thinking the kid got bad advice.

9) One of the great strategic debates that doesn’t have a right answer is whether a team should foul intentionally, when they’re up 3 points in the last 0:15.

If you foul on purpose, the opponent can’t hit a game-tying 3, but they could rebound a missed foul shot, and that has happened. If you play it out and the opponent makes a 3, the game is still tied and you play overtime.

I watch a lot of games on TV and there is a very mixed opinion on what the right strategy is.

8) Central Florida hired former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn as its next football coach, to the tune of $2.3M a year. Not bad for a guy who, as recently as 2005, was a HS coach in Arkansas.

Malzahn was 9-3 in one year as Arkansas State’s coach, then went 68-35 at Auburn, 39-27 in SEC games. He had the misfortune of being at Auburn while Nick Saban was at Alabama.

7) Boston College fired basketball coach Jim Christian, who went 26-94 in ACC games; moving from the Big East to the ACC has been a debacle for BC’s athletic department.

Christian went 101-37 in eight years as a MAC coach at Ohio/Kent State, but he also went 18-44 in Big X games at TCU. BC is a tough job.

6) Hovering over every open coaching job is former Michigan coach John Beilein, whose brief stint in the NBA was a disaster. He went 63-15 his last two years at Michigan; I’m guessing a lot of AD’s would fire their coach, if they knew they could get Beilein to replace him.

5) Clippers 125, Heat 118: Since Patrick Beverley has been a Clipper:
— Clippers are 101-47 when Beverley played
— Clippers are 17-18 when Beverley didn’t play
— Beverley was one of four Clipper starters who sat this game out. 

4) Baseball stuff:
— Mets signed OF Kevin Pillar
— Twins signed P Matt Shoemaker
— Braves signed 2B Jason Kipnis

3) I watch a lot of movies late at night; you know its an old(er) movie if someone uses a payphone, or doesn’t have a cellphone. We used to always to carry a quarter in our pocket in case you needed to make a quick phone call.

2) Why is Jeremy Lin in the G League? There are 30 NBA teams, 15 guys on a team; Jeremy Lin isn’t one of the best 450 basketball players in the world? That is nonsensical.

He scored 11.6 ppg in nine NBA seasons, dishing out 4.3 assists/game. This season in his four G League games, he is scoring 17.8 ppg, dishing out 7.3 ppg. He should be on an NBA roster.

1) Young lady named Jessica Pegula is a tennis pro playing in the Australian Open this week; her parents own the Buffalo Bills/Sabres, so she is a rich kid but she has worked very hard at playing tennis and is now at an elite level. Good for her. 

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