Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……

13) Washington Nationals signed lefty pitcher Patrick Corbin to a 6-year, $140M deal Tuesday; Corbin is 56-54 in his career- he was 14-8 in 2013, then missed the next year with an injury. He was 14-13 in ’17, 11-7 LY. He’s allowed 944 hits in 945.2 IP in his career. 

Say this for Corbin; he was smart enough not to go to Philly, whose small ballpark isn’t good for a pitcher’s well-being, or his stats. Same thing for avoiding the American League and the DH. 

12) If you’re a free agent starting pitcher, why wouldn’t you sign with an NL team, so you don’t have to face the DH? Wouldn’t your stats automatically be a little better? 

Also, if you’ve got a little kid who is just starting to play ball, shouldn’t he bat lefty? You’re two steps closer to first base; there is no advantage to batting right-handed.

11) Urban Meyer, the most humorless person in America, stepped down as Ohio State’s football coach Tuesday and was replaced by Ryan Day, who will make $4.5M a year. 

It is hard to believe that Meyer and Les Miles have the same job; both do their jobs well, but Meyer looks like he could have a stroke at any minute, while Miles can say funny things and appears to be an enjoyable person to talk to. 

10) USC named former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury as its new OC; Trojans have a long tradition of great running backs- are they going to run the Air Raid now?

9) Seattle Mariners have traded ten guys in the last 28 days, and it sounds like that number is going to get a lot higher before spring training. 

8) Seattle’s baseball team is going in the ashcan for the next couple years, but the city was awarded an NHL expansion franchise Tuesday; the unnamed team will be the NHL’s 32nd franchise and it will begin play in 2021-22. 

You can actually wager on what the team will be called; Totems is the current favorite, followed by Emeralds, then Sockeyes, Kraken or Rainiers. 

7) Steelers’ RB James Conner’s ankle injury is worse than first thought; he won’t be in the lineup for Pittsburgh in this week’s game at Oakland. 

6) We mentioned Adrian Peterson had a 90-yard TD run Monday night, but gained only 98 rushing yards for the game; he is only 2nd RB since 1950 to do that, joining Herschel Walker.

5) Joey Chestnut holds the world record for eating shrimp cocktails; he ate 43 of them in eight minutes last year. Not sure who decided that should become a contest, but how is that good for you? I like eating as much as anyone, but speed eating ain’t my thing. 

4) Louisville’s football team was 1-11 against the spread this year, the worst record of any team in the country; UConn, New Mexico State and Georgia State were all 2-9-1. 

3) 106 undergraduates declared for the NFL Draft last year; as recently as 2012, only 64 kids came out early. This year’s number is expected to be right around 106 again. 

2) Former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant, who bolted Clemson as soon as he got benched, transferred to Missouri, so he’ll remain a Tiger. Mizzou graduates QB Drew Lock after this season, so Bryant should step right in and start next year. 

1) Providence 100, Boston College 95 OT— This was a really fun game, and underscores the mistake BC made leaving the Big East for the ACC, though we know football was the reason that happened. Regional rivalries like this game should be played twice a year.

This was a hard fought, foul-filled couple of hours; Eagles were 36-45 on charity stripe, Friars were 23-34. Three Providence players fouled out. 

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