Saturday’s List of 13: Small Sampling of Super Bowl prop bets

The list of Super Bowl prop bets from the Westgate SuperBook is a 32-page PDF document that is simply amazing. Here are 13 wagers I picked out that looked interesting.

13) Will either team score three straight times? (PAT’s, 2-point conversions don’t count)
Yes -$175, No +$155

12) Will either team score in the first 6:30 of the game?
Yes -$140, No +$120

11) Will either team in final 2:00 of first half? (score at exactly 2:00 left counts)
Yes -$250, No +$210

10) Will either team score in final 3:30 of the game? (overtime is included)
Yes -$155, No +$135

9) Team with most penalty yards: Falcons -$125, Patriots +$105

8) Total number of sacks by both teams
Over 4, even
Under 4, under -$120

7) Length of Julian Edelman’s first reception
Over 9.5 yards, -$110, Under 9.5 yards, -$110

6) Length of Julio Jones’ first reception
Over 12.5 yards, even, Under 12.5 yards, -$120

5) Will Matt Ryan throw an interception?
Yes -$135, No +$115

4) First punt by Falcons’ punter Matt Bosher (if he doesn’t punt, bets are refunded)
Over 45.5 yards, -$110, Under 45.5 yards, -$110

3) Team that scores first: Patriots -$130, Falcons +$110

2) Longest made field goal of game:
Over 45.5 yards, -$130, Under 45.5 yards, +$110

1— Longest touchdown play of the game
Over 49.5 yards, -$110, Under 49.5 yards, -$110

Friday’s List of 13: Random thoughts with weekend here……

13) January 14, 1974 was the first Super Bowl played in Houston, at Rice Stadium; the Dolphins beat Minnesota 24-7. For the entire game, Miami QB Bob Griese was 6-7 passing for 93 yards. FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Seven passes, plus he was sacked once.

Football has changed tremendously in the last 40 years.

12) From 1975-80, Duke and Clemson both had basketball coaches named Bill Foster, which is a little odd, since they’re conference rivals in the ACC.

Duke’s Bill Foster had the Blue Devils in the 1978 Final Four but left a couple years later, upset over some little things, one of which was the school’s refusal to pave the coaches’ parking lot.

So Mike Krzyzewski became Duke’s coach in part because the school wouldn’t pave a parking lot. Life is funny sometimes.

11) Ice Cube is starting a 3-on-3 half-court, summer basketball league for retired NBA players called Big3, which starts this June. The league will eight teams of five players each and the league will apparently tour the country together, with each team playing once in each city.

10) Three assistant football coaches at Michigan are now making over $1M a year; thats not counting head coach Jim Harbaugh. I get it that coordinators make $1M+, but the third guy?

9) Eldrick Woods started this week ranked #663 in the World Golf Rankings.

8) When Lebron James says “….we need a bleeping playmaker” he means someone who makes his teammates better by passing the ball. He wasn’t referring to Carmelo Anthony.

7) Louisville lost another point guard with Tony Hicks going down for 4-6 weeks with a broken hand. I doubt Pitt has much sympathy for them, after the 51-point drubbing Louisville put on the Panthers earlier this week.

6) Monday night, someone at The D Casino in Las Vegas bet a $5 parlay on the money line on these NBA teams: Miami Heat +$650, Knicks +$195, Clippers +$270, Sacramento +$240, Milwaukee +$195. When those five underdogs all won SU, that $5 ticket turned into $3,800.

5) 30 years ago, a 30-second commercial on the Super Bowl telecast cost $550,000. This year, that same commercial would cost $5,000,000. Thats million, with an M.

4) There will be at least one fewer bowl game next year; the Poinsettia Bowl is no longer, as San Diego will have only only one bowl, the Holiday Bowl next season. The Poinsettia Bowl existed for 12 years.

3) NBA teams will have corporate advertising on their uniforms next year; Celtics will have a GE patch on their uniforms. They’re supposedly making $7M from GE on the deal.

2) Late one night at the Australian Open earlier this week, Brad Gilbert interviewed Giants’ punter Brad Wing, who is from Australia and was at the tournament.

1— Haven’t made my summer travel plans yet, but would be fun to be in Las Vegas during the British Open. Couple years ago, I was sitting at a bar late one night in Vegas, watching the end of an extra inning baseball game in Arizona, while at the same time watching early morning golf from across the pond. Thursday night baseball, Friday morning golf. Not bad.

Thursday’s List of 13: Wrapping up last two nights of hoops

13) The great Brent Musburger is retiring from TV broadcasting next week, the end of an era where he was one of America’s most recognizable voices.

Musburger trivia: When he was a young man, in 1959, Brent was an umpire in Class A ball out in the Pacific Northwest. He once umpired a game where the catcher was a young Tim McCarver, who went to play a long time in the big leagues and who also became a prominent broadcaster.

12) Turns out that Musburger is leaving ESPN to become the main voice for the soon-to-be-launched Vegas Sports Information Network, which has a nearly completed studio on the floor of the South Point Casino. The network will be available on SiriusXM radio.

As luck would have it, my next Las Vegas vacation is going to be at South Point, so that could turn out to be very cool.

11) Celtics 120, Rockets 109— Quote from Boston TV guy Mike Gorman: “This is like when you go to a high school rival and they have two local guys officiating.”

Gorman is supposed to be the reasonable guy on Celtic telecasts. Oy.

10) Georgia Tech 75, Florida State 56— So Florida State beats Duke/Louisville, everyone is touting them as a Sweet 16 team (at least) and then they’re down 41-15 at the half in this game. Now as a handicapper, I cannot trust the Seminoles.

Josh Pastner might be doing the best coaching job in the whole country.

9) Louisville 106, Pitt 51— Think Jamie Dixon enjoyed this score? He bolted Pitt because he felt unappreciated, now the Panthers are 1-6 in the ACC while Dixon has TCU contending to get into the NCAA’s. And Louisville played this game without their injured point guard.

8) USC 82, UCLA 74— Bruins got their butts kicked by a more athletic, tougher team that also made 14-34 on the arc. UCLA is soft and very young, but they’re way better than this. Trojans held Bryce Alford to 3 points; if he isn’t scoring, he is totally bleeping useless.

7) Marquette 74, Villanova 72— Hard to win when you go 6-34 on the arc. Villanova led this game 68-55 with 5:43 left to play, but faded down stretch. Wildcats played only seven guys.

6) VMI 80, Chattanooga 64— Keydets were a 22.5-point underdog. 22-point underdogs don’t win very much.

5) Tennessee 82, Kentucky 80— Vols fell behind 8-2 early, survived shaky (17-27) foul shooting and pulled off a big upset. Kentucky’s last three road games were all decided by 7 or less points.

4) Penn 77, LaSalle 74— Last two years, Ivy League teams are now just 3-14 against A-14 teams. LaSalle had been playing well until the last couple games, which were awful.

3) West Virginia 85, Kansas 69— Bob Huggins gets a $25,000 bonus every time he beats Kansas; he donates the money to cancer research, in honor of his late mother. Jayhawks have now lost their last four visits to Morgantown.

2) Wyoming 66, UNLV 65— Cowboys were up 18 at the half, but trailed by 3 with 1:35 left before they pulled game out down the stretch. Teams combined to go 18-34 on foul line.

1— RIP Mary Tyler Moore. I spent a ton of time as a kid watching her TV show and the old Dick Van Dyke Show. A terrific actress. She also had a variety show on CBS in the late 70’s that helped launch David Letterman’s comedy career.

I’m having lunch at a bar yesterday and had to explain to one of the younger workers who Mary Tyler Moore was. Showed him some pictures of her off the Interweb and he says “Oh, she was beautiful.” Indeed.

Wednesday’s List of 13: Quotes, tweets, other stuff…….

13) Tweet of the Day #1, from ESPN’s Seth Greenberg: “I seriously feel it is not in (Grayson) Allen’s best interest to play the remainder of the season. He surely is not himself and seems distracted!”

Grayson Allen isn’t playing well; not sure how sitting out would help anyone, but that was Seth Greenberg’s opinion and he was a D-I coach for a long time, so I respect that.

12) Tweet of the Day #2, from Evan Longoria on the Rays’ trade Monday: “I’m surprised and upset at losing a player, clubhouse presence and friend like Logan (Forsythe). He’s a rare player’’

What he means is, “I need some protection in the damn lineup or I’ll never see another fastball.”

11) Tweet of the Day, #3, from MGM Resorts sports book hub manager Jeff Stoneback, talking about the Super Bowl spread: ”It would take a minimum of a half-a-million (dollars) for us to move off 3, but we’ve got house players who can do it with one wager.”

10) Quote of the Day, #2: “Get it to a shooter!!! Instead, he got it to Solomon Hill”
New Orleans Pelicans TV guy Joel Meyers, at end of the Pelicans’ upset of Cleveland Monday night. Apparently Meyers doesn’t think much of Hill’s shooting (he made 1 of 2, Pelicans won)

9) Quote of the Day, #3: “Them skeezers ain’t going to be out for the bad teams.” Charles Barkley, on TNT Monday night, talking about why good teams may struggle on the road in certain cities, like Miami, New Orleans, New York and Los Angeles. Party cities.

The exact definition of “skeezers” wasn’t given, but apparently whoever they are, they don’t like to party with players from non-contending teams.

8) Quote of the Day, #4— “Seriously, why are we showing the Knicks?”
Barkley again, complaining (again) that the Knicks are on a TNT game

7) Quote of the Day, #5— “It’s like when you don’t have bodies. It’s tough. The bleeping grind of the regular season. We’re a top-heavy team. We have a top-heavy team. We top-heavy as shit. It’s me, [Kyrie Irving], [Kevin Love]. It’s top-heavy.”

“We need a bleeping playmaker. I’m not saying you can just go find one, like you can go outside and see trees. I didn’t say that.”
Lebron James after the Cavaliers lost in New Orleans

6) By whatever metric ESPN uses, Oklahoma has played the toughest basketball schedule in the country this season; they’re a very young team, so thats a bad combination.

5) Troy Aikman told a story Sunday about how Dallas center Mark Stepnoski once tore up his knee during a game, but he stayed in the game for five more plays before coming out and he wound up needing a total knee reconstruction. Football players are tough.

4) Was surprised Sunday that with 12:53 left in the game and Green Bay driving, Joe Buck made an Al Michaels-like reference to the over/under in the game. Never heard him do that before. People who bet the over can thank Aaron Rodgers’ competitive drive for cashing their bets.

3) Cleveland Cavaliers are 3-5 in their last eight games, all against Western Conference clubs. Not only do the Cavaliers need another point guard, they need to get back to playing the weaker Eastern Conference teams.

2) I wonder if Shaka Smart regrets leaving VCU? Other than the money, of course, but Texas doesn’t play anything like his VCU teams play— he could out-recruit teams in the A-14, but he can’t in the Big X and the people in Austin ain’t going to be happy for much longer with the lousy record the Longhorns have this season.

VCU could be like Gonzaga is out west and he would still be making over $1M a year, winning all the while. The Big X doesn’t have any bad teams, but somebody still has to finish last.

1— February 11 they’re going to have a TV show that will publicize who the top 16 seeds in the NCAA tournament would be if the season ended then. It doesn’t end then, so the show is irrelevant, but it’ll get people talking more about college basketball, which is a good thing.

Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Michigan Wolverines are having spring football practice….in Italy? Jim Harbaugh is very creative, a little weird. This has to cost a lot of money. Does it help them?

12) Floyd Mayweather has a guy in his entourage who walks around with a doctor’s bag that is filled with a ton of cash, in case he wants to bet. Last Thursday, he wanted to bet.

Mayweather wagered $100,000 on Gonzaga (-8, -$115) in the first half of its game at Santa Clara. His winning wager netted him $86,956. Not bad work for an hour.

11) Interesting baseball trade: Dodgers send pitching prospect Jose DeLeon to Tampa Bay for versatile IF Logan Forsythe.

24-year old DeLeon was 2-0, 6.35 in four starts (17 IP) for LA last year. 30-year old Forsythe hit .264 with 20 HR’s LY- he’s played all four infield positions, but was strictly at 2B LY.

10) Andy Iskoe is a really smart guy, an excellent handicapper. He points out that since Super Bowl XXX, the team with the better regular season record is 1-14-1 vs spread in Super Bowls, the one cover being Tampa Bay in 2002 when Jon Gruden coached against his old team.

Underdogs won last five, and seven of last nine Super Bowls SU.

9) There are five ex-Browns, five ex-Redskins playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

8) Before this NFL season started, more people bet on Cleveland to win the Super Bowl than bet on the Falcons to win it. Gambling is difficult, but it isn’t that difficult.

7) For the first time ever, college football teams averaged over 30 pts/game (30.04) this year.

6) Northern Colorado University is located in Greeley, CO. Tom Norton is Greeley’s mayor; he has courtside seats at Northern Colorado’s hoop games- the coach is his neighbor.

Referees told Mayor Norton to take a hike Saturday when he came on the court to argue a call against his beloved Bears. The mayor later returned and sat in a different seat (further away from the court) as Northern Colorado lost 74-69 to Big Sky leader Weber State.

5) Back in 2005, when Nick Saban was coaching the Miami Dolphins, his defensive line coach was Dan Quinn, who will coach the Falcons in the Super Bowl next weekend.

4) There is a pro tennis player who wears a mouthpiece during matches, supposedly to help his balance. I’m not sure who came up with that idea, but if it helps, then it helps.

3) Chris Evert was saying that tennis players today are more isolated from each other now than they used to be; Evert told a story about she used to practice with rival Martina Navratilova and also have lunch with her before matches, which seems unusual.

Players today have so much more money, they have their own entourages and they hang out with them instead of other players.

The retractable roof at the Australian Open can be closed during a match if if rains, but once it is closed, it has to stay closed during the rest of that match.

2) NC State 84, Duke 82— Wolfpack lost by 51 in Chapel Hill, but they pulled the upset here as a 16-point underdog, rallying back from down 9 late in game. State had lost five of its last seven games coming in.

Last time the Wolfpack won in Durham was 1995, which is also the last time Coach Krzyzewski had back surgery.

1— Northwestern’s win at Ohio State Sunday was their first one since 1977, when the Wildcats’ coach was Tex Winter, who went on to be one of Phil Jackson’s assistants with the Chicago Bulls.

Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend

13) Willie Taggart is the new football coach at Oregon, but his tenure is off to a rocky start; three of his players wound up in the hospital after workouts under the new strength coach (who came with Taggart from USF) who was then suspended for a month.

Then his new offensive coordinator was arrested for DUI last week and will be fired for cause. All this in about a month. No bueno.

12) Al Geiberger was the first golfer to shoot 59 in a PGA event; he won the Memphis Open that week by three shots, Weird thing is, his other three rounds that week? 72-70-72.

How do you shoot 59 one day and not break 70 any of the other three days?

11) Of the eight rounds of 59 on Tour, only four came on par-72 courses.

Adam Hadwin shot 59 this week and didn’t win the tournament.

10) Broadcaster Barry Tompkins is in his mid-70’s now; he teaches broadcasting in college, has been a local sports anchor, been in movies (Rocky IV), broadcast boxing, football, basketball, tennis- he’s had a great career.

Working the LMU-Santa Clara basketball game Saturday night, Tompkins told partner Brad Holland that he never attended college. Apparently he tried to become an actor at an early age and that didn’t go too well. Things worked out really well since then, though.

9) When the NBA players voted for the All-Star teams, 51 players voted for Kristaps Porzingis, 50 players voted for Carmelo Anthony.

8) Cal Poly has an assistant coach from Poland, a freshman big man from Poland and will apparently try to start a recruiting pipeline from Poland, much like what St Mary’s has done with Australian players.

There is a Big West rule that teams have to give at least 7 of their 13 scholarships to kids from California, so the Mustangs will be going international with those other six free rides.

7) Arizona beat UCLA Saturday; heard someone saying that Sean Miller gave everyone else the blueprint for how to beat the Bruins. One small problem with that:

Very few teams have Arizona’s talent level, a level right there with UCLA and few teams defend like Arizona does— they were great at contesting 3-pointers Saturday.

6) There have been 19 games this season where a D-I college player scored 40+ points in a game; that player’s team is 12-7 in those games.

5) Virginia Tech 82, Clemson 81— Tigers have now lost six games in a row, as a promising season has turned into the season from hell.

Same thing at Colorado; the Buffs were picked to finish 4th in the Pac-12; right now, they’re 0-7 after losing in OT at perennial league doormat Washington State.

4) I don’t want to hear anything about 11 or 12 teams from the ACC making the NCAA’s; you finish 11th or 12th in a 15-team league, you don’t deserve to be in the national tournament.

These days, the Big-5 football conferences wield a lot of power, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Much rather see two teams from mid-major leagues get in the tournament.

3) Patriots 36, Steelers 17— How come the Patriots win so much but no one hires their coordinators to become head coaches?

I’m guessing Antonio Brown didn’t broadcast Mike Tomlin’s postgame speech on Facebook.

2) Falcons 44, Packers 21— This was an awful game, just a complete destruction by the Falcon offense, which put up 493 yards in an easy win.

1— Kickers were 33-33 on field goals this postseason until Mason Crosby’s missed field goal in first quarter in Atlanta.

Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday……

13) Florida State 73, Louisville 68— More than once on this telecast, Dick Vitale ripped the Florida State fans for being frontrunners: “If you want these fans to come back, you better win this game.”

I’m sure Leonard Hamilton will love those comments, but his team did win.

12) Arizona 96, UCLA 85— This was first time in ten years these teams met when both were in the top 15 in national ratings. Arizona played great defense in this game; they contested 3’s without fouling and held Bruins to 10-31 from the arc.

11) Butler 70, DePaul 69 OT— Blue Demons led 25-5 right off the bat, missed FT with 0:01 left to win game, as Bulldogs avoided what would’ve been a really bad loss.

10) Upsets of the Day:
— Vanderbilt (+12) won 68-66 in a noon game at Florida, snapping a 4-game losing skid.
— Niagara (+10.5) won 57-55 over a St Peter’s team playing its 4th game in seven days.

9) UNLV 87, Air Force 85 (2 OT’s)— Last two times these teams met, there were total of five OT’s played. Rebels tied game with a banked 3 at buzzer of regulation; Falcons returned favor at buzzer of the first OT, then banked another 3 at the buzzer of the second OT to cover the 3-point pointspread.

8) Oklahoma State 83, Texas Tech 64— Cowboys get their first Big X win (1-6); they’ve led five of the seven games at halftime.

7) Wake Forest 93, NC State 88— Wolfpack was 16-27 on foul line, 6-26 on arc, and still scored 88 points. Wake Forest was 29-33 on foul line, which made all the difference.

6) Central Michigan 101, Miami OH 92— 5-foot-9 Marcus Keene scored 50 for the Chippewas, who were down 10 at the half. CMU was 20-33 behind the arc.

5) Notre Dame 84, Syracuse 66— Orangemen have lost eight in row on the road, their longest road losing streak since 1962.

4) Marquette 102, Creighton 94- Bluejays’ first game without injured PG Mo Watson (out for year) didn’t go well.

3) Duke 70, Miami 58— Hurricanes led by 11 at half, then Duke started second half on a 20-1 run. Having Amile Jefferson back helps the Blue Devils.

2) Spurs 118, Cavaliers 115, OT– ABC got a barnburner for their first Saturday primetime game of the year. I’m guessing Lebron James must like the Cavaliers’ sleeved uniforms, or else they wouldn’t wear them. Kawhi Leonard had 41 points for the Spurs.

1— Kentucky 85, South Carolina 69— Sindarius Thornwell scored 34 of Gamecocks’ 69 points, but there is no one in the SEC who can hang with Kentucky in Rupp Arena.

Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff on a winter day

13) Packers-Falcons Sunday is the last football game at the Georgia Dome; Falcons get a new domed stadium next season. Georgia Dome is where the Rams won their Super Bowl; kind of sad to see it go. Plus, it isn’t that old, maybe 25 years old?

Braves/Falcons both get new stadiums in 2017; people in Georgia must pay lot of taxes.

12) Was fun watching some D-League on TV this week; every college player should be glued to it, to see how many really good college players aren’t in the NBA. Until your game is as refined as it can be, you’d be wise to stay in college, get your education as you prep for pro basketball.

11) To make the NBA, you have to be great at one thing; a player named Devondrick Walker from Texas A&M-Commerce was 12-12 on the arc in two games for the 76ers’ D-League team this week. Shooters are always marketable- maybe the Sixers will call him up.

10) The Texas high school football championship game drew 35,089 fans; thats more than 20 of the 40 college bowl games that were played this season.

9) Florida State’s basketball team is 5-1 in the ACC; opponents are shooting 46.1% outside the arc against the Seminoles, only 42.9% inside the arc. Very unusual set of numbers.

8) Over his last 13 games, totaling 316:00, Rajon Rondo has taken zero foul shots. None. Bupkus.

Over his last 17 games, covering 442:00, he is 0-2 on the charity stripe. How does this happen?

7) Washington Wizards’ Otto Porter didn’t play AAU ball as a kid; his parents wouldn’t let him. His dad was the all-time leading scorer at SE Missouri State, thought Otto would develop better as a player if he just worked on his game and he was right.

6) Speaking of the Wizards, they’re 17-7 in their last 24 games, after a 6-12 start. Glad for coach Scott Brooks, who got a raw deal in Oklahoma City.

5) I had no idea that Mississauga is the 6th-largest city in Canada. Now I know.

4) If you’re a student at U of Oregon, your student ID also serves as a free bus pass for the city of Eugene, so you’ve got that going for you.

3) I’m not sure which is more surprising, that someone didn’t vote for Ken Griffey Jr for the Hall of Fame last year, or that Tim Wakefield got a Hall of Fame vote this year.

2) Georgia leads the SEC, shooting 73.9% on the foul line as a team; there are five teams in the Southern Conference shooter higher than that from the line.

1— It still amuses me how close some fans are to the benches in NBA games; those tickets cost a lot of money, but they’re sitting right next to the trainer or an assistant coach. Have to be some interesting conversations that go on, ya think?

Friday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a basketball Thursday…..

13) Maryland 84, Iowa 76— NFL ref Gene Steratore gets around; he worked the Ohio State-Nebraska basketball game Wednesday, then worked this game.

Seven of the ten starters in this game are freshmen.

12) Memphis 70, Houston 67 OT— Best game I saw Thursday, but it was a brickfest; Tigers won despite going 9-21 on the foul line. Teams combined to go 8-37 on the arc.

11) North Dakota State 89, Fort Wayne 83— Who said shooting is a lost art? Bison were 13-22 behind the arc in this game, Fort Wayne was 16-31. Tough night if you go 16-31 on 3’s and lose.

10) Oregon 86, Cal 63– Ducks are 4-0 at home in Pac-12, winning last three home games by 23-42-23 points, but lost Dillon Brooks again to another leg injury. Cal’s big man Ivan Rabb was 2-10 in this game; if thats all they’re going to get from him, Golden Bears won’t beat anyone who is any good.

9) UCLA 102, Arizona State 80— ASU fired Herb Sendek in 2015 and replaced him with Bobby Hurley; if they think that was an upgrade, they’re imbeciles. Arizona State is a tough job; Hurley will have to be a GREAT recruiter to make the Sun Devils a consistent winner.

As for UCLA, they’re great this year, but Lonzo Ball will be in the NBA next year; then what?

8) LaSalle 91, Davidson 83— Much-improved Explorers are 11-5, 5-1 in the A-14- they scored 84 pts/game during their 5-game win streak.

7) Random thought: How is Russell Westbrook not starting in the All-Star Game?

6) SMU 69, UConn 49— Rough year for the 7-12 Huskies; they trailed 41-17 at halftime.

5) Middle Tennessee State 65, FIU 52- Blue Raiders are only unbeaten (6-0) team left in Conference USA.

4) North Dakota 83, Weber State 77— Wildcats were last unbeaten team in Big Sky play.

3) Wizards 113, Knicks 110— Washington has won seven of its last eight games.

2) NC-Wilmington 65, Charleston 59— Seahawks win battle of unbeatens in CAA.

1— ESPN’s people like to put Gonzaga in late night slots; problem is, they’re so good that their games aren’t that much fun to watch. Gonzaga in the WCC is like UNLV was in the Big West during the Tark the Shark heyday 26-28 years ago, totally dominant.

Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Did you know that Anheuser-Busch has the option to buy the first ad of the Super Bowl, and they’ve declined two of the past three years? Their research shows them that commercials later in the game get more attention that those early on. By doing that, they’re gambling the game isn’t a blowout and people stop paying attention.

Advertising is also a big money game. Over the last 35 Super Bowls, Anheuser Busch has spent over $520M in advertising.

12) Three Oregon football players went to the hospital after off-season workouts, and so the new strength coach of the Ducks has been suspended for a month, replaced by the old strength coach, who must be laughing up his sleeve.

The new strength coach came from South Florida with coach Willie Taggart; supposedly he does not have the college degree a person in his position usually has.

Signing Day is 13 days away; stuff like that can hurt your recruiting.

11) Back in 1960, the first year of the AFL, the Los Angeles Chargers had a damn good coaching staff. Sid Gillman was head coach; two of his assistants were Al Davis and Chuck Noll. Not bad.

10) Tony Romo has a steel rod in the collarbone that has been broken three times.

I mention this because the last couple of times I flew, the security person asked me if I had any steel rods in my body. Maybe I look like an NFL quarterback or maybe I just look old, you make the call but my preference is to think I look like a former signal caller.

9) Tennis player Nick Kyrgios was trailing 6-5 in the third set late Tuesday night in Australia when he actually hit a return shot between his legs, like it was nothing. Seriously, I’d be in traction if I tried to do what he did, even without any steel rods in my body.

I don’t know much about tennis, but this guy looks like a little like Giancarlo Stanton, resembles a Greek Adonis, but John McEnroe ripped Kyrgios after he lost his second round match, saying “…..he has about the #200 mental game.” Alrighty then.

8) Congrats to Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, Pudge Rodriguez on getting into the Hall of Fame. Will be lot of people coming down from Montreal to Cooperstown in July, I’m pretty sure.

One other HOF note: if David Ortiz gets put in the Hall of Fame someday and that seems likely, then they need to put Edgar Martinez in also. His career on-base %age was .418. Four-Freakin’-eighteen.

Just because he played on the west coast shouldn’t mean he gets excluded.

7) Since 2010, your major league leader in home runs? Jose Bautista, with 249.

6) If I ever get involved in coaching basketball again, I’d be a strong advocate for spending eight minutes of EVERY practice with kids practicing all different kinds of layups. It really helps.

This is something from the Princeton school of coaching; I’m no fan of the Princeton offense itself, but if you’re lucky enough to have players who get the ball close to the basket, it is a big help to have guys who can finish plays. Watch Belmont in the OVC; they’re crafty around the basket and it helps them neutralize more athletic opponents.

I see it all season watching college hoop for 5-6 hours a night; some teams have kids who are uncomfortable when they have the ball around the basket, unless they can dunk it.

5) Surprising fact: Atlanta Falcons have four rookie starters on defense.

4) Over last two years, Clippers are 5-12 in games that Chris Paul missed; he is now out 6-8 weeks with a torn ligament in his thumb.

3) Baylor’s Johnathan Motley had 32 points, 20 rebounds against Texas Monday night; it is really hard to go 30-20 in a basketball game, you have to be totally dominant. Baylor got zero votes in the preseason college hoop poll, but now they’re a top 10 team.

2) Washington Huskies QB Jake Browning had shoulder surgery this week; they did a nice job of hiding his injury thru the season.

1— The following numbers are presented as facts, not as any sort of political statement, but they are facts, and they are interesting.

President Obama commuted 1,385 prison sentences in his eight years in office, 504 of which were life sentences. He also pardoned 212 people. This is more than the last 12 presidents did combined.

I don’t have an opinion on these stats, other than when you do something more than the 12 people who had your job before you (combined), it is an interesting statistic.

Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings……..

13) Alex Rodriguez is going to have his own TV show on CNBC, dealing with athletes who have had financial problems in their post-playing days. The show will match athletes with “money-savvy mentors” who will advise the athletes on way to upgrade their financial situations.

12) One growing trend in college basketball; more and more teams are playing only 7-8 guys in a game, some only six. Would expect to see a rule change next year, where it’ll take six fouls to foul out, rather than five fouls.

11) Creighton guard Mo Watson tore his ACL Monday at Xavier, his college career is over. Very sad for the young man and his team; he is the Bluejays’ best player.

10) This is tremendous; 25 moving companies based in San Diego banded together and refuse to help the Chargers move north to Los Angeles.

Chargers kept Ken Whisenhunt as OC, a good move.

9) ESPN’s Sean McDonough did his first basketball telecast of the season Monday night in Chapel Hill; he seemed positively giddy to be working with Jay Bilas, after working with Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football all season. Draw your own conclusions.

8) Oklahoma City Thunder has nine games left in January; eight of them are on the road. Thunder will fly over 14,000 miles in January alone.

7) Happy birthday to the great Betty White, who turned 95 on Tuesday.

Also congrats to Roy Williams on his 800th win Monday night.

6) Phillies signed OF Michael Saunders to a 1-year deal; the oft-injured Saunders is 30, has played 130+ games in only three seasons, but he did hit 24 HR’s for Toronto LY.

5) Two guys in Las Vegas pooled $300 and money-lined the Packers in Week 12, and let it ride ever since. Their $300 investment now is worth $28,213.60 and if Green Bay wins on Sunday, it’ll be worth $76,176.70.

These guys tried the same thing LY (with two other friends) but the Cowboys lost the first week of the wager. I’m guessing the two friends who didn’t re-up this year are kicking themselves.

One of the two guys played basketball for Seth Greenberg at Long Beach State and later was an assistant coach for Greenberg, I think at South Florida.

4) Quinnipiac is 4-4 in the MAAC, an ordinary team, but they’ve covered their last seven MAAC games, making them a great team for those who wager on the Bobcats.

3) Chris Paul tore ligaments in his thumb Monday night, is out 6-8 weeks.

2) Houston Texans fired their offensive coordinator two days after their loss in Foxboro; they said “they mutually parted ways” which means they paid off his contract and told him to take a hike.

1— Interesting discussion on the Australian Open late Monday night, on how tennis players on the rise can actually play too much, if they advance further than expected in tournaments.

Marginal players play in more events, but if they go deep into the tournaments, it reduces their down time between events, increasing their risk of injury and making conditioning a lot more important. As a player improves, he/she actually reduce the number of events they play in.

Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) When Orlando Magic coach Frank Vogel was in 8th grade, he appeared on the David Letterman Show in the Stupid Human Tricks segment, spinning a basketball on a toothbrush while brushing his teeth. I’m not a sure how a kid starts practicing that stunt, but he did and got good enough to be on national TV.

12) Speaking of the Magic, guard DJ Augustin has played for nine different NBA teams over the last six seasons; he’s banked roughly $28.3M in his career and must be an expert packer, too.

11) If you’re Mike Tomlin, whats your reaction that one of your star players was broadcasting your postgame speech live over the Interweb? Would’ve been nice if Antonio Brown had turned the camera off when Tomlin started speaking, but that isn’t what happened.

10) Kansas City Chiefs are first team in NFL playoff history to score multiple touchdowns, allow zero touchdowns in a playoff game, and still lose the game.

9) When the Packers hired Mike McCarthy as coach in 2006, the guy he beat out for the job was Sean Payton. Would’ve been fun to see Payton work with Aaron Rodgers.

8) Tex-Arlington 89, South Alabama 83— Glad to see the Sun Belt get exposure on ESPN; back when ESPN first started, Sun Belt was one of the first leagues to let ESPN broadcast its games on a regular basis.

7) Creighton 72, Xavier 67— Costly victory for Bluejays; senior PG Mo Watson went down with a knee injury and it didn’t look good- he said he heard it pop, rarely a good thing.

6) Saturday was just third time ever that the LA Lakers/Clippers/Kings all played in Staples Center on the same day.

5) After the 2014 college basketball season, South Florida tried to hire Manhattan coach Steve Masiello as basketball coach, but changed their mind after it turned out he was a couple courses short of having graduated from college at Kentucky.

Masiello got Manhattan to the NCAAs two years in a row and was one of hot names in the coaching carousel, but the last couple of years, Jaspers are just 20-29 and are struggling in the MAAC this season. Masiello has since gotten his college degree, but isn’t a hot name anymore, which seems ludicrous. He hasn’t gotten dumber the last two years.

Anyway, the South Florida job is open again; curious to see if USF goes after Masiello this time. They were also interested in then-UNLV coach Dave Rice back then; he’s an assistant at Nevada these days. Either guy would be a good hire for the Bulls.

4) There will be three college football games at Fenway Park next fall: UConn-Boston College, Brown-Dartmouth and UMass-Maine.

Long time ago, back in the 60’s, the Patriots played home games at Fenway.

3) Turns out Derrick Rose got fined $193,848 for missing that game last week; when the NBA suspends a player for a game, they take 1/110th of a player’s salary- for Rose thats the number. So not answering a phone call and making up a lie for 30 seconds cost him $193,848. Wow.

2) There is a new casino opening in Schenectady on February 8, around 15 miles from Armadillo World HQ. Am curious to see what it is like. Also wonder how long it will be before we can go there and bet on ballgames, like in Las Vegas.

1— Last week I asked about why the Chargers would move to LA instead of just staying where they were; read over the weekend where the value of the Charger franchise would roughly double after the move, more than making up for the $550M relocation fee they will pay out over the next decade. When in doubt, the answer is always “its about the money”.

Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports weekend…….

13) Packers 34, Cowboys 31— Last 5:00 of this game turned into Arena Football; tremendous drama. There were three FG’s of 50+ yards in last 2:00 of this game. Aaron Rodgers is worth his weight in gold to the Packers, who led 21-3 in first half.

After the game, people were told not to leave the stadium due to a tornado warning, as a bad day for Dallas got even worse. Hope everyone got home safely.

12) Steelers 18, Chiefs 16— Andy Reid has a 173-114-1 regular record as an NFL coach; he is 11-12 in playoff games, 7-4 at home, 4-7 on road, 0-1 in Super Bowls.

From 2000-08, Reid was 10-7 in playoffs, 7-0 in the first playoff game of a season. Since 2009, he is 1-5 in playoff games, with home losses to Packers-Steelers. His Chiefs also lost a playoff game in Indy that they led 38-10 in the third quarter.

I equate Reid’s career with Chuck Knox, who was 186-147 in regular season games, 7-11 in playoff games. Hard to complain about guys who win as many regular season games as they did, but in January, their teams made you bang your head against a freakin’ wall.

As for the Chiefs with or without Reid, they’re 0-5 in home playoff games since 1995. Oy.

11) Another interesting stat I heard on my car radio Sunday: Since 2008, Aaron Rodgers has thrown 13 TD passes on a play where the opponent jumped offsides, giving him a “free play”. During that time, no one else in the NFL has more than three such TD passes.

10) FieldTurf makes refs’ job simpler on catches close to the sidelines; easy to see if the WR drags his toe on the ground, since the little black tire pellets pop up when the foot is dragged.

9) USC 71, Colorado 68— Buffs might be best team in country that is 0-5 in conference play; their coach WAS NOT HAPPY when this game ended. Losing isn’t fun.

USC basketball coach Andy Enfield scored over 2,000 points in his college career at D-III Johns Hopkins; he shot over 92% on the foul line for his career.

8) Georgia Tech 86, NC State 76— Tech was universally picked to finish last in the ACC; they’re 3-2 in league now, with wins over Carolina, Clemson and NC State. Josh Pastner is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met; he’s a damn good coach too.

7) I’m watching the San Diego-BYU game Saturday night; out of nowhere, they show Johnny Manziel sitting in the crowd with a buddy. There weren’t a lot of people at the game; was just kind of random. Hope he is getting his life in order.

6) Sonny Dykes must’ve really aggravated some people at Cal; for a football coach to be fired in mid-January, three weeks before Signing Day, then to have them hire a successor from outside the program, that is an indication of severe dysfunction that is potentially disastrous if they do not recruit well this year.

Knee-jerk reaction when Dykes got fired was that Cal was going after Chip Kelly, but that didn’t happen, so now the Golden Bears have a first-time head coach. Interesting decision.

5) Why is it so newsworthy that the Jaguars interviewed Kelly before they hired Doug Marrone as their coach? Their job is to interview good candidates and find the best one.

Al Davis used to interview a ton of people for openings with the Raiders, many of whom he had no intention of hiring, just to pick their brains and learn as much as he could about the Raiders, football and the NFL. It is smart business.

4) Steph Curry is the 4th-highest paid guy on the Warriors. Yikes.

3) Tickets to the Super Bowl in Houston dropped anywhere from 18-20% on StubHub after the Cowboys lost Sunday.

2) Early lines on next weekend’s conference championship games:
Falcons -4 over Green Bay and Patriots -6 over Pittsburgh.

1— Playoff wins of random NFL teams since 1999:

Patriots 23, Ravens 15, Steelers 15, Giants 10, Rams 6, Titans 5, Cowboys 2.

Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Falcons 36, Seahawks 20— Matt Ryan has a 2-4 career record in playoff games, with both wins at home against Seattle. Football is an emotional game; Seahawk lineman Michael Bennett went off on a reporter for a question he was asked after the game.

Side note: This result is a win for the Rams; had they waited for Kyle Shanahan to be available, this would’ve been bad. Now they already have their coach and are assembling a staff. Curious to see if Shanahan goes to San Francisco.

12) Patriots 34, Texans 16— Home favorites won/covered first six playoff games this month; bad for ratings, but what can you do? It is not pro wrestling or roller derby, where the finishes are scripted. Sometimes the top teams are just a lot better than the teams below them.

11) Upsets of the Day: Saint Louis (+14) got their first A-14 win, 63-56 at George Mason, and Brown (+12) upset Penn 82-70 in the Palestra. Stephen Spieth (Jordan’s brother) had 22 points for the victorious Bears and yes, he really is Jordan Spieth’s brother.

10) Louisville 78, Duke 69— Blue Devils are 2-3 in ACC, their worst league start since 1996, last time Mike Krzyzewski had his back operated on. Duke is fairly ordinary without big man Amile Jefferson, who has a bad foot (again). Louisville sometimes looks like they practice without a basketball, but boy can they defend.

9) West Virginia 74, Texas 72— Longhorns played their hearts out in first game without leading scorer Tevin Mack (suspended), but came up just short. This was just second win for West Virginia in their last eight games with Texas, which is floundering this year at 7-10, 1-4 Big X.

8) Mississippi State 67, Texas A&M 59— Starters in this game: 4 freshman, 5 sophomores and one lone junior. Two good teams; Ben Howland is quietly assembling a very good team down there in Starkville.

7) Loyola Marymount 79, Portland 78— Just watched a replay of this game; Portland led 78-73 with 0:45 left and then collapsed, just an awful loss, but LMU starts three seniors and they’re struggling, so unless they have a great recruiting year, they’ll get pummeled next year.

6) Illinois State 76, Wichita State 62— Big win for the Redbirds, who are challenging Wichita for MVC supremacy; it is possible the Valley could get two teams in NCAAs this year.

5) UCLA 83, Utah 82— If you had the Bruins -3, a pretty bad beat. Welsh hit two FT’s with 0:01 left to give UCLA an 83-80 lead, with ONE SECOND LEFT. Somehow, Utah throws a long pass right under the basket and the kid hits a short jumper and he celebrates like they just forced OT, except THEY WERE DOWN THREE  POINTS. Why do these arenas have scoreboards?

4) UTEP 66, Florida Atlantic 65 OT— Miners came into this weekend on a 12-game losing skid, but they won both home games, both by a point in OT. Winning helps and losing doesn’t.

3) TCU 84, Iowa State 77— Is Jamie Dixon National Coach of the Year so far? After going 50-79 the last four years (8-64 in league play), Horned Frogs are 14-3 this year, 3-2 in Big X play and there are no easy games in the Big X. They beat a very experienced Cyclone team here.

2) Richmond 70, St Joe’s 66— Spiders were 5-5 when they inserted freshman De’Monte Buckingham into the starting lineup; they’re 6-1 since, are 5-0 in A-14 with three road wins.

1— San Diego 88, BYU 75— BYU won here 69-67 LY; two nights later, the teams met again in Provo and BYU crushed the Toreros 91-33. 91-33, an ugly night.

Revenge was sweet last night, as an 11-point underdog San Diego squad that played seven guys; three freshmen, two sophs, a junior from Germany and a senior, beat the Cougars and evened their record at 9-9.

Saturday’s Den: Where NBA head coaches went to college…….

NBA head coaches come from surprisingly diverse backgrounds; 13 played in the NBA, 17 did not. Here is a quick look at where they went to college…….

Iowa State (2)— Fred Hoiberg (Bulls), Jeff Hornacek (Knicks)— Hoiberg played 11 years in the NBA, Hornacek 15. Hoiberg was coach at Iowa State until he left to coach the Bulls.

Arizona (2)— Luke Walton (Lakers), Steve Kerr (Warriors). Walton played 11 years in the NBA, Kerr played for 16 years.

Air Force Academy— Gregg Popovich (Spurs)

Appalachian State— Alvin Gentry (Pelicans)

Boston U— Brett Brown (76ers)

Brockport State— Stan Van Gundy (Pistons)— When I was in college, we played in a tournament at Brockport, where his dad Bill was the coach. He coached that weekend in a neck brace; had been in a car accident.

Cal-Irvine— Scott Brooks (Wizards). He played 11 years in the NBA also played in the CBA here in Albany for the Patroons.

California— Jason Kidd (Bucks). Kidd played 20 years in the NBA; of the current head coaches, he was the best player.

Concordia— Dave Joerger (Kings)— Came up to the NBA thru the D-League.

DePauw— Brad Stevens (Celtics)— Took Butler to the Final Four. Twice. Underrated feat.

Duke— Quin Snyder (Jazz)— Was also coach at U of Missouri and in the D-League.

Juaniata/Kentucky— Frank Vogel (Magic)— Was a starter at D-III Juniata, knew he wanted to be a coach, so he transferred to Kentucky, where he became a student manager. Good career move.

Kentucky— Dwane Casey (Raptors)

Loyola, MD— Mike Malone (Kings)— His dad was a longtime NBA assistant coach.

Maine-Farmington— Steve Clifford (Hornets)— Was an assistant coach at Siena for a year.

Maine/Virginia— Rick Carlisle (Mavericks)— Played six years in the NBA.

Marquette— Doc Rivers (Clippers)— Played 14 years in NBA, now coaches his son with the Clippers.

Marshall— Mike D’Antoni (Rockets)— Played three years in the NBA, then in Europe.

Nebraska— Tyronn Lue (Cavaliers)— Played 12 years in the NBA.

NC State— Nate McMillan (Pacers)— Played 13 years in the NBA; three of his NC State teammates also coached in either the NBA or big-time college ball.

Oklahoma— Terry Stotts (Trailblazers)

Pomona— Mike Budenholzer (Hawks)— Was an assistant coach with the Spurs.

Portland— Eric Spoelstra (Heat)— His dad was an executive with the Trailblazers.

Providence— Billy Donovan (Thunder)— Won two national titles in college at Florida.

Richmond— Kenny Atkinson (Nets)— Played in Europe for a long time.

Salem State— Tom Thibodeau (T’wolves)— Was an assistant coach for the Spurs during Jerry Tarkanian’s short tenure coaching in San Antonio.

San Diego— David Fizdale (Grizzlies)

UCLA— Earl Watson (Suns)— Played 14 years in the NBA, sponsored AAU teams for years.