Wednesday’s List of 13: Hump Day knowledge…..

13) Over the last 12 years, Big 14 teams are 41-64 in bowl games; 4-0 vs MAC teams, 14-23 vs SEC teams, 7-12 vs Pac-12 teams.

Against spread, Big 14 teams are 11-15-2 vs spread when favored, 39-35-3 as an underdog.

12) Jets fired six assistant coaches Tuesday; well, officially OC Chan Gailey “retired” but guys like that seldom retire.

11) Football coaches are somewhat nomadic; not only are the Jets looking for six assistants, but six NFL teams are looking for head coaches and new staffs. Will be interesting to see which jobs get filled first, and by whom.

10) Stumbled upon a pretty good movie: One More Time, with Christopher Walken playing an aging lounge singer who in one scene is teaching his young (7-8ish) grandson how to play blackjack, using playing cards with naked women on them. Offbeat movie, but pretty good.

9) Tony Romo’s brief performance in Philly Sunday probably will net Dallas a slightly better draft pick than they would’ve gotten for Romo otherwise.

Chuckled at the story that Chip Kelly wanted to draft Dak Prescott last April, but GM Trent Baalke wouldn’t do it. Maybe it was the supposed DUI arrest in March that made him hesitant.

Eight months after the draft, it is easy for people to claim they wanted to draft Prescott; didn’t hear from any of those people last spring.

8) Denver media had great respect for Gary Kubiak; when he finished his final press conference with the Broncos the other day, media actually applauded him as he left the room. Doesn’t happen much.

7) I used to say it was worth getting NFL Sunday Ticket just to watch Barry Sanders run with the ball; now I feel the same way about watching Aaron Rodgers play QB. Tremendous ability in the scramble drill to find open receivers.

6) College administrators are weasels; Minnesota fired football coach Tracy Claeys because he supported his players when they threatened to boycott their bowl game because ten players had been suspended after an off-field incident in which no one has been charged with anything.

But because they don’t want protests, the easiest thing to do to make everything go away was to fire the coach. Lets see if the players protest their coach’s firing after he supported them.

5) There were only seven punts blocked in the NFL all season; three of them came Sunday, in Week 17.

4) South Florida fired basketball coach Orlando Antigua, who didn’t win much and got USF in trouble with the NCAA for alleged academic fraud. Not winning was the worst of those two.

3) New Orleans Saints gained 6,816 yards this season (426.0 per game) most yards gained by any team ever that didn’t make the playoffs.

2) Houston will start Brock Osweiler at QB against Oakland this week; Raiders are likely going to start rookie 3rd-string QB Connor Cook, who has never started an NFL game.

1— Speaking of the Texans, they scored only 25 touchdowns this year, fewest by any playoff team since 1978, when the NFL went to a 16-game schedule.

Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but……..

13) USC 52, Penn State 49— Tremendous game; Penn State scored TDs on seven straight possessions….and lost!!!! Sam Darnold is Trojans’ freshman QB who will be very wealthy in a couple years. Looks a little like Andy Dalton, plays a little like Drew Brees.

12) Mike Krzyzewski is having a back operation Friday, will take a leave of absence from his job as Duke’s basketball coach. This happened once before, in 1996 and it didn’t go well- Blue Devils went 13-18 that year and Pete Gaudet, the interim coach then, wound up teaching phys ed at an Ohio college.

Jeff Capel will be the interim coach now; he was the best player on that ’96 Duke team. He’s been the head coach at VCU/Oklahoma, so he is capable, but very big shoes to fill.

11) Couple of other Duke-related issues:
a) When does Grayson Allen come back? I said all along he would be back for the Florida State game on January 10; maybe he comes back on Saturday when Capel coaches his first game.

b) Every Duke assistant coach is a former Duke player; this is a bad idea- they need an older guy who Coach K can trust to give him honest input. A former player is less likely to disagree with his boss. Joe Paterno needed someone like that at Penn State, to avoid the situation he wound up in.

10) I met a guy in Las Vegas who owns a home in Laguna Beach, CA, where the chairman of the home planning board is Eve Plumb, better known as Jan from the Brady Bunch. This guy was at odds with Ms Plumb for most of the last year over his house being remodeled. At odds to the point that she accused him of stalking/terrorizing her. Fun times.

I had no idea you needed approval to remodel your home, but still, it must be nice to live near a beach.

9) Lane Kiffin is out as OC at Alabama; he won’t be at the national title game. Nick Saban is a control freak and apparently Kiffin’s act became a bit too dramatic, so he was told to take a hike. Steve Sarkisian will be the Alabama OC. Clemson has to be a live underdog, right?

8) This week I heard a college basketball analyst say, “He isn’t a real high percentage shooter” which is a nice way of saying, “Damn he is a lousy shooter.”

7) There are 40 bowl games that are jammed with Chik-fil-A commercials; least they could do if they show all these commercials is to put a Chik-fil-A in the Albany area, right?

6) There were two twins born in San Diego late Saturday night; one was born at 11:56pm, the other at midnight, meaning there are twin girls who were born in different years. Unusual.

5) Do people still use pencils? I saw a pencil in a movie the other night; had forgotten about them.

4) When I see NBA players taking nights off to “rest” I think of this: John Stockton played all 82 games in 17 of his 19 NBA seasons. Players are becoming more babyfied (is that a word?) these days. Kids in AAU play 2-3 games a day, it isn’t that hard to play 82 games in 162 days.

3) Tyreke Hill has been a huge steal for the KC Chiefs, a 5th-round pick who has been dynamic as hell as a WR/returner. Why did he slip in the draft? He had domestic violence issues while at Oklahoma State, so teams laid off drafting him. Whoops.

You’re going to see kids in Hill’s shoes get drafted higher this April, because teams have to be kicking themselves for passing on Hill.

You lose you get fired and no one gives you bonus points if you passed on drafting a kid because he got into a fight with his girlfriend. It is a cut-throat business where you have to win to keep your job and talented players help you win.

2) Pet Peeve #1 of 2017: Red zone efficiency in football. Instead of TD %age, it is something that needs to be measured by points per possession.

Say Team A has three trips to red zone and kicks three FGs, that is 0%, but nine points.

Team B scores one TD, goes for 2 and makes it; they also lose two fumbles in red zone.

Team B has a 33% TD rate in red zone but only 2.67 pts/possession. Team A has 0% but 3.00 ppp. Points per possession is a more accurate measure of efficiency.

1) Over last three years in NFL Wild Card round, road team is 8-4 SU, 5-1 in games involving the #’s 3-6 seeds.

Monday’s List of 16: Wrapping up an NFL Sunday……

Titans 24, Texans 17— Houston QB Savage left with concussion, Osweiler wound up throwing 40 passes; Titans scored a defensive TD 5:03 into the game, never looked back. Texans will be a home underdog in playoffs next week. Tennessee has to have mixed emotions; they improved a lot this year, but Mariota’s broken leg and Week 16 loss to Jacksonville prevented a happy ending. Good news for Titans: they have a lot of draft picks from the Rams, as a result of LA trading up to draft Jared Goff.

Jets 30, Bills 10— Buffalo owner Terry Pagula changed history when he bought the Bills; the person he beat out for the franchise? Donald Trump.

Now Bills have to hire a coach, have to decide if Tyrod Taylor is their QB of future. Lot of work for them, since other teams with coaching openings are seen as more attractive jobs. Jets’ last TD scored when Buffalo neglected to field a kickoff and the Jets recovered the free ball in the end zone- they finish 5-11, but swept the Bills.

Bengals 27, Ravens 10— Putrid effort by Baltimore; Flacco threw a horrendous end zone INT when game was 17-3 and still in doubt. Flacco targeted Dennis Pitta 16 times in this game, including the fateful end zone pick- he plays like Pitta is on his fantasy team.

Why is Chris Simms a network TV analyst? Because his dad is? I’ll give you two guys who do college games who are better and more qualified: Andre Ware (ESPN) and Sherdrick Bonner, who does Mountain West games on ROOT Sports— he played Arenaball for the Arizona Rattlers. Ware is soft-spoken and a good listen. Bonner is very smart.

Colts 24, Jaguars 20— Jacksonville led 17-0 20:45 into game, led 17-3 at the half- hopefully they’ll hire Josh McDaniels as coach so the Rams can’t. Think Jaguars are closer to being good than you’d expect; they only trailed one of their last seven games at halftime. Colts finish 7-1 vs spread this year in the game following a loss.

Question for Colts’ owner Jim Irsay is: Do you fire your coach after an 8-8 season? I’m not saying you don’t, I’m just asking.

Eagles 27, Cowboys 13— Philly finishes 7-9 after a 3-0 start with the ill-timed Week 4 bye. Still think Eagles had a pretty good year; they established Wentz as their starting QB, now they need to build around him.

Dallas has next week off and will be favored to win the NFC; I remember 1999, when the Rams lost a meaningless Week 17 game in Philly, then won the Super Bowl. Cowboys hope history repeats itself there.

Vikings 38, Bears 10— Minnesota finishes 8-8 after a 5-0 start and they don’t have their #1 draft pick in April, because they dealt it for Sam Bradford. Good news for Vikings; their new stadium is real nice. Good news for the Bears is that their dismal 3-13 season is over. Now they have to decide who they want their QB to be going forward.

Chances are it won’t be Matt Barkley; Bears turned ball over 14 times in their last three games. 14 times. In. three. games.

Buccaneers 17, Panthers 16— Carolina scored TD with 0:17 left, went for two points and the win but failed. 8th year in a row this series was swept. Panthers went 2-6 on the road this season. Tampa Bay was down 7-3 until Newton threw a pick-6; he didn’t have a good season.

Steelers 27, Browns 24 OT— Cleveland’s team bus broke down on their way to the stadium Sunday morning, which pretty much sums up their whole franchise. Steelers’ top guys on offense didn’t play, but they won anyway, scoring a TD in overtime after Cleveland kicked a FG.

Browns clinched 1st pick in April’s draft.

Patriots 35, Dolphins 14— New England won its 7th straight game, snapped a 3-game losing streak in Miami. Dolphins are in playoffs for first time in 2008, but go to playoffs with backup QB Moore playing- he’s one of the better backups. Seeing how so many AFC playoffs teams have QB injury issues, hard to imagine the Patriots not playing in the Super Bowl.

Cardinals 44, Rams 6— Merciful end to a horrendous season for the Rams, one of the worst offenses I’ve ever seen…..’76 Buccaneers level of bad. Time to take a big broom to coaching staff; keeping special teams coach Fassel would be a good move- everyone else needs to go and I do mean everyone else. LA was outscored 78-21 in second half of their last four games, a sign the players gave up. Lot of them need to go, too.

Chiefs 37, Chargers 27— Andy Reid is this generation’s version of Chuck Knox; wins a lot of games, sound coach but when January and playoffs roll around, his teams will lose. Win here and Oakland’s loss in Denver gives Chiefs #2 seed in AFC and next week off, which is really important, but does anyone think they can go to Foxboro in three weeks and win?

Chargers finish their last season in San Diego 5-11; this is a ridiculous situation where no one likes the owner, but they do avidly support the team in this stadium. Why can’t the Chargers just stay in San Diego? Does every NFL team have to play in a new stadium? Does the NFL want cities like St Louis and San Diego to hate the NFL?

Falcons 38, Saints 32— Over/under on Atlanta’s points in this game was 32; they had 35 at the half. Falcons get #2 seed in NFC and next week off; Over was 13-3 in Atlanta games this year.

Interesting situation if Rams are really interested in Sean Payton as their next coach; would he re-unite with Gregg Williams (they won a Super Bowl together with Saints)? Saints have had a terrible defense for several years now (since Williams left).

Giants 19, Redskins 10— Rooting for a team that finishes 4-12 is not fun, but not half as bad as rooting for a team that has to win one of its last two home games to make playoffs, but loses both of them.

Losing to a team that had nothing to play for is just intolerable. Giants are now 8-3 in last 11 games here; seven of their last eight games overall stayed under total- they have a road playoff game next week.

Seahawks 25, 49ers 23— Something is wrong with Seattle; they had to fight to win this game, against a 2-14 team that fired its GM before kickoff. Seahawks will play at home next week- they split last six games.

No idea what direction the 49ers will go in; sounds like they’re firing Chip Kelly, too. NFC West is going to look a lot different next year.

Broncos 24, Raiders 6— Things turned ugly quickly for Oakland; backup QB McGloin hurt his shoulder, they lost the NFC West title, now have to go to Houston for a rematch of the Monday night game in Mexico City that Oakland won 27-20. it is possible that Michigan St rookie QB Connor Cook (14-21/150) might be under center for that game. Oy.

As for Denver, looks like Gary Kubiak is going to resign for health reasons, a year after he won the Super Bowl. Coaching is very stressful and not necessarily healthy- we wish him well. The next coach is going to have to spruce up the offense. Will Siemian, Lynch or someone else be the Denver QB next year?

Packers 31, Lions 24— Detroit will play in Seattle Saturday, Green Bay will host the Giants in the late game Sunday. Lions still haven’t won a division title since 1993; they’ve won one playoff game since 1957. But hey, the Cubs won the World Series this year, so there is hope.