Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings…….

13) Steelers-Ravens play in Baltimore Sunday, with both teams off a bye week; wouldn’t it have made sense for this to be the Thursday night game this week? Football wasn’t meant to be played on three days’ rest.

12) Chicago Bears are the only NFL team that does not have a defensive player who has ever played in a Pro Bowl.

11) Bears’ offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains went to college at Arkansas, where he held for kicks for four years and learned football from coach Houston Nutt.

Loggains could’ve gone to a smaller school and played QB, but he thought he wanted to be a coach and chose to learn from Nutt, who was a very good coach before going on TV.

10) ESPN fantasy sports guru Matthew Berry was once a writer for the TV show Married with Children.

9) Dolphins are favored over the Jets this week; this is only 2nd time in last 12 years that Miami is favored in its post-bye game. Overall, Dolphins are 6-12 in their last 18 post-bye games.

8) There is a TV show on the History Channel called American Pickers, where two guys drive around in a van and try to buy collectible stuff from older people who live in mostly rural areas.

Why older people? Because they want to find people who are just looking to get rid of stuff, preferably for less money. Sometimes you get mad at the two guys, especially Frank, who thinks he is smarter than everyone else, but that is part of the business of making money, I guess.

The guys own two shops where they re-sell the stuff for a profit. It is oddly entertaining and worth watching.

7) In three of last five seasons, Dwight Howard has made less than half his foul shots; he is off to an 11-24 start this year, after his 8-20 game against the Kings Monday.

Howard makes $23M a year, has already banked $167M in salary in his career. How can I be a better free throw shooter than he is?

6) Clippers TV announcer Ralph Lawler is joy to listen to; always watch as many Clipper games as I can. Clippers were so bad for so long and now they’re good, so you’re happy for him. Lawler is enthusiastic and you can tell he is a real basketball fan.

5) Oklahoma City traded Ersan Ilyasova to Philly Tuesday, after he played only 62 minutes in three games for the Thunder- they acquired him as part of the Serge Ibaka deal.

This means when he plays for the Sixers, it’ll be the 5th team Ilyasova has played for in his last 79 games, going from the Bucks to Detroit to Orlando to the Thunder to Philadelphia.

On one hand, teams want you enough to trade for you; on the other hand, once they have you, then don’t mind getting rid of you.

4) Good news for NC State’s basketball team; freshman 7-footer Omer Yurtseven will be able to play for the Wolfpack this year— he becomes eligible December 15, enough time to get in a few games before ACC play starts.

Yurtseven is a 5-star level recruit, a huge get for Mark Gottfried.

3) There is a story going around that Nick Saban was interested in the Giants’ coaching job last January, and that the team almost hired him. Somehow, comedian Tom Arnold is involved with spreading this story, which makes it a little weirder.

You get the feeling Saban has one more coaching stop in him and it will be an NFL job— he has nothing left to prove in college.

2) Mets closer Jeurys Familia got arrested in New Jersey on domestic violence charges, which is bad news for Mets, seeing as Jose Reyes got suspended 52 games LY for a similar offense.

Aroldis Chapman got a 30-game suspension this year and he was never arrested for his offense.

1— Obscure Fact of the Day: Eddie Johnson played 17 years in the NBA, scored 19,202 points; he holds the record for most points scored in the NBA, without ever making an All-Star team.

Jamal Crawford has a good chance to break that record; he has scored 17,117 points; he is 36, looks like he would have to play two more years at his current pace to set the new record.