Wednesday’s List of 13: Mid-week musings

13) A woman in Ohio was late for her job recently. Why? She claimed she was attacked by a man in a clown suit on her way to work.

Not surprisingly, the clown attack story turned out to be a lie, but she gets credit for being original. Someone should ask her what kind of a bozo does she think would buy that story?

12) Have to wonder if Billy Donovan would’ve left Florida for the NBA if he knew that Kevin Durant would skip town; Donovan probably also knew that his AD at Florida, Jeremy Foley would be retiring soon, but Oklahoma City without Durant isn’t that great a job.

11) Arizona Cardinals are only NFL team that hasn’t scored in the first quarter yet this season.

10) Texas-Oklahoma football game, one of the biggest rivalry games in the country, starts at noon ET Saturday, thats 11am in Dallas, which means the teams eat pre-game meals at 7am. Why? This is ludicrous. FOX has baseball playoffs and FS1 has UFC on at night, so they want the football game in the morning, so the morning it is. Oy.

9) Colorado Buffaloes are in the football top 25 for the first time since 2005.

8) Julio Jones is the 6th WR in NFL history with 300+ receiving yards in a game; Flipper Anderson (336) still holds the all-time record.

7) Arizona Diamondbacks fired GM Dave Stewart/manager Chip Hale after their disaster of a season ended. Colorado/Walt Weiss also parted ways, though they said Weiss chose not to pursue another contract. Who quits a major league managing job?

6) Jimmer Fredette surfaced on my TV Sunday night as a member of the Shanghai Sharks, who finished 12th in the 20-team Chinese Basketball Association last year. Jimmer shoots a lot on this team.

Odd fact about the Chinese league; their All-Star weekend is between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs, which seems like a really bad idea.

5) LA Rams are off to a 3-1 start, having played all three NFC West rivals already; their next divisional game isn’t until December 15- their last three games are all within the division. Their next nine games are all non-divisional games.

4) Kansas Jayhawks got a verbal commit from a kid from Chicago who is in the Class of 2019, which means he just started 10th grade. Whats the point of this, other than it might keep some recruiters away from contacting the kid? (probably not many, if he is really good)

If the young man gets hurt, is Kansas still obligated? What if he regresses as a player and the Jayhawks don’t want him anymore? What if the kid realizes that the weather in Arizona and California is way nicer than Kansas and he wants to go to school in one of those places?

3) San Diego Chargers are 3-12 in their last 15 games that were decided by 8 or less points; they’ve led by double figures in every game this year, they’ve led in the 4th quarter in every game and yet they’re 1-3, with a QB who will be 35 in December. Not good.

2) One of Duke’s star basketball recruits this year is Harry Giles, who just had his third knee surgery in three years; he didn’t play in high school last year and now his role this year will be reduced to an unknown extent.

Tough spot for everyone involved; if the kid doesn’t play a full-time role this year and then jumps into the NBA Draft next spring, which franchise will take the leap of faith and draft him? (hopefully not Portland, which has Sam Bowie/Greg Oden on its resume)

The young man needs his knees to stay healthy to become a millionaire; how long does he stay in college, risking an injury that could dash those hopes? But he also could improve his standing by staying in for an extra year and strengthening himself.

It’ll be an interesting story to follow moving forward.

1— When the Padres traded Drew Pomeranz to the Red Sox without fully disclosing his medical history, and then Boston found out about it and complained, the commissioner’s office offered to rescind the trade, but the Red Sox turned them down. Interesting decision.

Curious about two things here: a) How will Boston use Pomeranz in the playoffs? He’s pitched in long relief for the A’s- they should’ve started him more.

b) Does Padres’ GM AJ Preller keep his job when his suspension is over, and if he does, will other teams trade with him? The guy has proven to be a shady character at a young age.

Tuesday’s List of 13: Nobody asked me, but………

13) Tennessee won their game Saturday at Georgia on a Hail Mary on the last play of the game; Pitt Panthers scored a pick-6 on the last play of their game against Marshall.

In both games, the PAT wasn’t tried after the TD, because time had run out, which was bad news for gamblers who had the two favorites, since both failed to cover by half a point.

12) Home teams are 13-3 vs spread in SEC conference games so far, 10-2 in Pac-12 games; in all the other conferences combined, home teams are 29-34 vs spread in conference play.

11) This year and last, Toronto Blue Jays are a combined 181-142, but just 35-53 in one-run games.

10) Heard some good news over the weekend; 71-year old Sam Wyche, the former NFL coach (Bengals/Bucs) received the heart transplant he needed. Has to be a weird thing, waiting for someone else to pass away (often unexpectedly) so you can have their heart.

9) Baylor has an odd football schedule; they’re off on both October 8 and 22 and play doormat Kansas on the 15th, so basically they have three open dates in a row. They should be unbeaten when they play TCU/Oklahoma back-to-back later on.

8) There were 12 catcher interference calls this year when Jacoby Ellsbury was hitting; with all the baseball I watch every night, think I saw one catchers’ interference the whole season. It doesn’t happen very often.

7) College basketball practices started last weekend; from reports on Twitter, every single practice went really, really well. Either that, or the team who had lousy practices stayed off of social media.

6) Had to laugh the other night; was watching a Bruins-Red Wings NHL preseason game- the announcers spent a good five minutes discussing how many teeth a certain player had knocked out by a slap shot last year. Losing 13, 14 teeth- that had to hurt. Hockey players are tough.

5) North Carolina’s punter is a 27-year old freshman from Australia.

4) BYU’s kicker is the grandson of former Cougars’ coach LaVell Edwards. Speaking of BYU, their first five games this year were decided by a total of 11 points.

3) I despise taunting penalties; either let ‘em talk a little, or just throw a flag and call it offsetting penalties. Picking out the instigator is stupid— it goes on the whole game. Very subjective as to who started what. NFL football is VERY over-officiated— too damn many penalty flags.

2) Evander Holyfield’s son is a freshman running back at Georgia.

1) Houston Astros were 28-25 in one-run games this year, ending a dismal streak from 2011-2015, where they went 93-148 in games decided by one run.

Monday’s List of 13: Wrapping up an NFL Sunday

Jaguars 30, Colts 27— College games end at like 2am Saturday night; having an NFL game on from England at 9:30am ET is a bit much. Jags are now 2-2 in London the last four years; all four of those games went over the total- they led this game 23-7 after three quarters, then held on. As for the Colts, they’re 1-3, allowing 30+ points in all three losses- they needed a 63-yard TD in last 1:30 for their only win last week. Pretty soon, the Nick Saban-to-Indy rumors should be popping up.

Bills 16, Patriots 0— New England is so sure they’re going to win the AFC East, they basically forfeited this game, playing a rookie QB (who already had an injured thumb) with a WR (Edelman) as his backup. No emergency backup QB, they just got this game over with, now Brady returns next week and things will return to normal and they can coast to yet another division title.

Redskins 31, Browns 20— Jerry Izenberg once wrote a book about Bill Parcells called, “No Medals for Trying”, which sums up the Browns’ first four games. Cleveland led 20-17 after third quarter; natives were drawing up impeachment papers for coach Gruden, but Redskins drove 91-39 yards for 4th quarter TDs to even their record at 2-2.

Seahawks 27, Jets 17— Sometimes teams don’t like an early bye too much, but for Seattle, their Week 5 bye couldn’t come at a better time; Russell Wilson needs to heal up. Seahawks had a 13-yard advantage in field position here. In their last two games, Jets have had 21 drives, 11 turnovers (-10); their offense scored one TD, allowed two TDs. I suppose they could bench QB Fitzpatrick, but then Geno Smith would have to play.

Texans 27, Titans 20— Only second half TD came on game-winning punt return by Houston; O’Brien’s play-calling produced TDs on Texans’ first two drives, but then only six points on last nine drives. Tennessee gave up the punt return TD and gave Houston a gift FG when they had 12 men on the field while Texans were trying to punt. Marcus Mariota was very unimpressive; he looks like a college-level passer and he only ran the ball four times for 20 yards.

Bears 17, Lions 14— Rumors are popping up that Detroit wants to hire Josh McDaniels as its next coach, with Jimmy Garoppolo as their new QB. Be careful what you wish for; Stafford is a pretty good QB (43-53 career record, with 0-2 playoff mark); he is still only 28, but you could probably get a good package for him in a trade. Lions’ only TD in this game came on a punt return. Hoyer passed for 302 yards as Bears got their first win this year.

Falcons 48, Panthers 33— Ryan passed for 504 yards, which is a lot harder when your team was winning the whole game- he averaged 12 yards per attempt. Atlanta’s last three TDs all came on plays of 35+ yards; they’re averaging over 7 yards per play, for the season. Cam Newton left with a concussion; Carolina is 1-3, after being 17-2 last year. Losing the Super Bowl does funny things to a team.

Raiders 28, Ravens 27— Baltimore rallied from down 21-12 with 7:00 left to take lead with 3:36 left, but Oakland drove 66 yards in six plays to win its third straight road game. Yardage was 412-261 Ravens; Oakland had 9-yard edge in field position in penalty-filled game. Two of Raiders’ four TDs came on drives of only 6-29 yards.

Saints 35, Chargers 34— Drew Brees wins his homecoming to San Diego. Horrific loss for Chargers, who’ve led by double digits in all four games, but are 1-3. Bolts led 24-14 at half, had ball up 34-21 with 6:50 left, but turned ball over three times on their last six offensive plays of the game. If you’re trying to get a new stadium and you need to win a vote on Election Day to get it, coughing up double digit leads every week is no bueno.

Cowboys 24, 49ers 17— Dallas rallies back from down 14-0 to win again as Dak Prescott is now 3-1 as an NFL starter. Good balance for Cowboys (194 running yards, 234 passing); Blaine Gabbert is now 9-30 as an NFL starter; Colin Kaepernick has a $60M guaranteed contract, but can’t beat him out.

Broncos 27, Buccaneers 7— Very rough day for Jameis Winston (17-35, 179 yards, two INTs). Another lightning delay in 4th quarter; wonder if Bucs will have more 1:00 home games early next season? Broncos were +3 in turnovers, had 14-yard edge in field position. Siemian hurt his left shoulder; rookie Lynch was 14-24/170 in relief. Denver hosts red-hot Atlanta next week in one of Week 5’s best matchups.

Rams 17, Cardinals 13— The difference between winning and losing teams in the NFL is very, very thin; last three weeks, Ram defense has been on field in last 2:00 of all three games, with other team driving to take the lead, but none of them did. LA is finding ways to win. This was also third time in last five games with Arizona that Rams KO’d Carson Palmer from the game.

Steelers 43, Chiefs 14— One of worst NFL games I’ve seen in long time; KC has scored three offensive TDs in their last three games. This seems like a good time to point out that Antonio Brown’s father Eddie once scored nine TD’s in an Arena Football League game for the Albany Firebirds, 1999 Arena Bowl champs. So far in Week 4, favorites are 5-9 vs spread, home teams 7-7, over 7-7.

Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday……

Before I start here, I’ll state the obvious: college football is amazingly entertaining. Seems like every single week, too.

13) Tennessee 34, Georgia 31– Last 3:00 of this game was nuts; Dawgs led 24-20 with 3:00 left, they try to THROW THE BALL OUT OF THEIR OWN END ZONE WITH A FRESHMAN QB- he gets sacked, fumbles and Tennessee gets a gift TD to lead 27-24. Horrific offensive coaching. Why the bleep are you throwing the ball out of your end zone with 3:00 left?

But because Butch Jones coaches Tennessee, the Vols let a Georgia WR run basically uncovered down the left sideline; he catches a 47-yard TD pass with 0:10 left– there is much jubilation between the hedges. For a while.

Tennessee runs the kick back to around midfield, Dawgs were offsides on the kickoff, so Vols get one play from the Georgia 43 with 0:04 left. For some unknown reason, Georgia rushes only three guys, Tennessee throws the ball into the end zone- one of their guys catches it and they win!!!!

I’d like to be at the booster club luncheon in Athens next week when Kirby Smart tries to explain why only three guys rushed on the last play.

From 6:45 to 7:15 Saturday night, there were fireworks on several TV channels. Superior entertainment.

12) North Carolina 37, Florida State 35– I could write about this game for a week, but because the Tar Heels wound up winning, I’ll leave out the part about the 20 or so ways they almost bleeped this game up.

First of all, the kicker on UNC drained a 54-yarder to win it at the gun, so good for him; TV analyst Rod Gilmore didn’t think he had the leg to reach it, but adrenaline is a funny thing.

FSU’s Dalvin Cook had 35 touches for 240 yards; he is the best running back in the country. The freshman QB will be a great player a couple years from now; he’s pretty damn good now.

But the Seminoles’ defense is awful; Tuesday night on Showtime will be an interesting watch. How will the Florida State kids react now that most of their goals for the season are basically shot on October 1st?

11) Oklahoma State 49, Texas 31– Charlie Strong is 13-16 in 2+ seasons in Austin; the man he replaced, Mack Brown, was 158-48 at Texas with one national title. In four games this year, Longhorns have allowed 47+ points three times- only team they held under 47? Texas-El Paso.

Mack Brown went 158-48 and got told to take a hike. Les Miles just got fired at LSU with a 114-34 record- both guys won national titles, but Charlie Strong is 13-16 at Texas and still has a job. Longhorns play Oklahoma in their rivalry game in Dallas next week. Playing the over is recommended.

10) Oklahoma 52, TCU 46– Sooners led 49-24 after three quarters, but Horned Frogs scored 22 straight to raise the blood pressure of people in the Sooner Schooner. TCU is a very young team- QB Hill threw for 449 yards. Total in the Texas-Oklahoma game next week might be 78 or 80.

9) Miami 35, Georgia Tech 21– Game was 14-7 until Hurricanes ran two Tech fumbles back for TDs in a 0:46 span to break game open. ‘canes host Florida State next week, in a game FSU really, really needs to win.

8) One of the worst rules in all of sports: if your helmet comes off, you have to leave for a play. Non-sensical, as my high school chemistry teacher would’ve said. I can see a bunch of over-educated administrators sitting in a big conference room, sipping coffee, coming up with this one. Pure genius.

7) Washington 44, Stanford 6– Huskies totally bamboozled the Cardinal Friday night in Seattle; who made Stanford’s schedule? USC-UCLA and Washington on consecutive weekends in September? And next three weeks, they play Washington State-Notre Dame-Colorado. Not easy.

6) BYU 55, Toledo 53–Cougars are 2-3; their five games were decided by a total of 11 points (underdogs 3-1-1 vs spread).

Rockets threw for 505 yards, scored go-ahead two-point conversion with 1:11 left, but BYU drove 71 yards for the GW field goal at the gun. Toledo’s old coach was Matt Campbell (35-15 at Toledo) who is now at…….

5) Baylor 45, Iowa State 42– Campbell’s new team, the Cyclones fought like hell as a 17-point  home dog, leading 42-28 with 12:00 left, but didn’t score in 4th quarter and Baylor escaped with a conference road win. Very tough loss for Iowa State, but their offense looks good, which will upgrade their recruiting.

4) Penn State 29, Minnesota 26 OT– Gophers led 13-3 at half, kicked go-ahead FG with 0:54 left, but couldn’t seal the deal- they had 31 first downs in a game where total yardage was 471-469. PSU coach James Franklin’s seat would’ve gotten very warm if he had lost this game.

3) South Alabama 42, San Diego State 24– Aztecs were in top 20 until this disaster, losing to South Alabama for second year in row, as favorites of 17 and 19 points. USA also beat Mississippi State this year.

2) Clemson 42, Louisville 36– Eight turnovers, 17 accepted penalties in a wild game that Clemson led 28-10 at the half. Louisville stormed back to take the lead in 4th quarter, but Tigers scored with 3:14 left to stay unbeaten. Total yardage in game: 568-507, Louisville

1- As far as the baseball goes, Seattle got eliminated last night, Mets clinched a Wild Card spot. Giants lead St Louis by a game in the NL, Orioles/Toronto lead Detroit by 1.5 games in AL. If Orioles or Jays lose Sunday and Tigers win, Detroit-Cleveland have to play Monday, in a makeup game. A three-way tie is still possible in the AL.